Principal Pro Of Electoral Commission Must Resign Immediately.

Politics of Sunday, 9 December 2012


Press Release By Nana Addo For President 2012 (Nafop)

The Greater Accra regional branch of Nana Addo for President 2012(NAFOP), wish to call on the Principal PRO of the Electoral Commission, Sylvia Annor to resign immediately for deceiving Ghanaians over the dubious so-called Technology meant to help the EC without the knowledge of the political parties, except the NDC party, which is loosing the 2012general elections.
According to Sylvia Annor, the EC has no knowledge over the Technology, which it meant to assist the EC in transmitting the election results.
Information available to NAFOP indicates that the EC has signed a contract with a company to collate and transmit the results to the EC strong room, instead of the normal process without telling the political parties.
We find this attempt by the EC to rig the elections for the NDC. We are confident of winning this election one touch, based on the results that have come in so far.
We however wish to state that any wicked and dubious attempt by Dr.Afari Djan and his cohorts to rig the elections in favour of the NDC would results in irrevocable violence in the country.

Joseph Otoo
(Secretary- NAFOP)