Win the Ledzorkuku seat and become president-Electorates declare

Win the Ledzorkuku seat and become president-Electorates declare

voters waiting patiently to vote

Voters at the Ledzorkuku Constituency at Teshie in Accra believe whichever party wins the Ledzorkuku seat will eventually win the presidential race in the crucial 2012 election which is currently underway.

And these voters have a strong historical evidence to back their claims. In 1996 it was the National Democratic Congress’ Nii Adjei-Boye Sekan who won the seat, with ex-president John Rawlings winning the presidential race for a second term.

In 2000, the New Patriotic Party’s Eddie Akity won the seat with ex-president John Kufuor also winning the presidential race for the NPP.

Four years later, the NPP retained the seat but with Dr Gladys Nortey Ashietey as the MP. Mr Kufuor was also retained as president.

In 2008, the Parliamentary candidate of the NDC, Nii Nortey Duah beat the incumbent to win the seat and history replicated itself with the late John Mills becoming president after three previous attempts.

In 2012, Mr. Duah lost in the primaries to Sena Duah Okita and would have a tough contest against Dr Gladys Nortey Ashiety who is staging a comeback.

Win the Ledzorkuku seat and become president-Electorates declare

Electoral officers sorting out the electoral material which arrived late.

Many of the electorates believe its a two horse race between Sena Okita and Dr Ashitey and they told whoever wins the seat will see her presidential candidate win the presidential race.

This rich historical detail has enriched the political enthusiasm in the constituency with the electorates massing up as early as 2:00 am in an election set to start at 7:00 am.

Delays &Long Queues

Long winding queues have formed in many of the polling stations visited by Voters brought from home plastic chairs and benches, relaxing in the scorching early morning sun.

As at 7:00 am, many of the polling stations were yet to receive their electoral materials. however sighted a number of vehicles with security officers dispatching electoral materials.

Others stations were also sorting out the electoral materials when arrived.

Its 8:40 am, voting is yet to start but the electorates are in no hurry as they wait patiently for the process to start. will keep you updated.