Sarkodie did not Stab R2Bees

Entertainment of Friday, 7 December 2012


Sarkodie R2bees Threat

Sarkodie is now being accused of stabbing his Tema based associates R2Bees by going ahead to perform at the just concluded Top of the world celebration.

It is on record that R2Bees did not perform at the event and was replaced by ever ready Samini.

The R2Bees Case

This fabulous group is good, they have every right to start a revolution for the GH music industry. One thing baffles me though, was there a contract signed between Charter House and R2Bees prior to the later discovery of the amount paid to the Nigerian group P Square?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then R2Bees must have negotiated their way to that amount or offer in the first place. There is no way that Guinness will publish the names of the artistes (P Square, Sarkodie, & R2Bess) that will perform during this show if the deal has not been sealed. Every man is rewarded according to his genius so R2Bees subsequent rebellion to contract is wrong.

It appears that it stems from envy of P Square’s accomplishments and levels. R2Bees are not there yet, they cannot imagine themselves being on the same level and standard like P square. The recent agitation from this R2Bees at this time to their successful brothers P Square who kept preaching the promotion of Ghana music industry by the media is not a positive development.

Peter and Paul were looking forward to meeting with R2Bees and Sarkodie. They were amazed with their absence during the press conference.

All fingers are not equal, and one must take into consideration the efforts, the time, the hard work, in short P square deserve what they were paid, and truly justified that fee. Their performance was passionate, dramatic, friendly, fun, interactive, and humorous. They entertained the fans, were kind to the injured and will call the security to assist the fainted. This kind of people do not deserve R2Bees treatment.

Sarkodie’s Position

Sarkodie performed that night not because of the money, not because he does not care about R2Bees but he needed to protect his interest and career. Sarkodie who came out with a rushed single ‘The Truth’ after his inability to perform at the multi TV show knows that the last thing he should do is to come out and apologize to his fans or sing another song why he did not perform again the second time in a row, and this time around the reason will be small fees paid to him compared to P Square? That would have been a dumb move, so he played smart and wise.

He is an entertainer and you negotiate your fees and not comparing your pay to another no matter where the person comes from. R2Bees is sowing a bad seed of discord under the guise that Nigerian musicians should not earn what they deserve.

If such regional conflict is fueled by this Tema based group then one day it could become a national disaster. Sarkodie’s performance was critical to his relationship with Nigeria. He values the Nigerian market and knows that any form of envy to P Square might affect his opportunities in Nigeria. Sarkodie will not be manipulated or dictated by an R2Bees Alliance, such alliance will not produce something positive.

There are many advantages of performing on the stage, everything is not about money, and I know if R2Bees will listen to God, he will tell them that the love of money is the root of all evil, and Life goes on when you turn your back on opportunities.