Special arrangement made for some security personnel to vote on Friday

Politics of Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Source: GNA

Special Voting

Some security personnel in the Upper East Region whose names did not appear on the special voters’ register for voting on Tuesday, will be assigned at the registration centres where they registered or places near those centres so as to avoid inconveniences.

Mr Bruce Ayisi, Regional Director of the Electoral Commission, on Tuesday explained that such personnel were not many and the arrangement would not disrupt their presence at the various polling stations.

Visiting the special polling stations in the District, Mr Ayisi said voting went on smoothly and noted that the counting would be done on Friday after the general voting exercise.

At Bawku, security personnel who registered outside the Municipality were permitted to take three days off to go the various places where their names had been put on the special lists to vote and go back in good time for the Friday exercise.

The special voting was organised for election officials, security personnel comprising the Police, Immigration, CEPS, Fire Service, and the Armed Forces who will be assigned to various polling stations on Friday to ensure security.