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Grant ‘doesn’t encourage teen pregnancy’

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Ambassador Kabral Blay-Amiehere and James Ohemeng Kyei

AS PART of its contribution to peaceful elections on December 7, the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGH) has urged the media, political parties and all Ghanaians to respect the laws of Ghana and refrain from declaring results that have not been certified by officials of the Electoral Commission (EC).

The umbrella body of pharmacists further reminded all Ghanaians, especially the media and political parties that by law, only the EC has the mandate to declare winners of presidential and parliamentary elections.

In a related development, the National Media Commission (NMC) has also reminded the media of their obligation to ensure free, fair credible and peaceful elections.

A statement issued by the President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana, Pharm. James Ohemeng Kyei, cautioned that any declaration of the impending 2012 presidential and parliamentary election results by any media house, political party or any other person or institution not authorized by the EC constitutes a breach of the law and poses serious threat to the peace and security of the nation.

“While we appreciate the need for various political parties to collate election results from various polling stations in the constituencies and at the regional and national levels, only results collected and certified by officials of the EC must be put in the public domain by the media and political parties,” the statement reiterated.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana, the statement noted, is concerned about unauthorized declaration of election results by actors in the political arena because it is a potential source of conflict and insecurity.

“As a nation with 20 years experience in democratic governance in the fourth republic, we have to learn from our past mistakes and avoid any acts or omissions that have the potential of destabilizing our motherhood,” the statement added.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana also appealed to parents of minors on the voters’ register to prevent them from voting on December 7, 2012, since minors’ voting could be a source of conflict.

“Since the EC has already identified polling stations where minors did register with impunity, we humbly call on the security agencies to work closely with the EC to beef up security at these polling stations in order to effectively manage all possible disagreements,” it urged.

The pharmacists further appealed to all political parties who were signatories to the Kumasi Peace Accord to accept the results of the presidential and parliamentary elections as would be declared by the EC.

They also called on EC to do all it can to ensure that the process is free, fair, efficient and transparent so as to preserve the credibility and acceptance of the outcome of all stakeholders.

“…the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana wishes all registered voters in the 26,015 polling stations a happy elections day on December 7, 2012,” the statement concluded.

A statement issued by NMC Chairman Ambassador Kabral Blay-Amihere on the December 7 general elections said the commission expects the media to abide by the GJA’s NMC’s Guidelines for Political Journalism and Elections and must only report certified reports from the EC, adding that where results are provisional the media and journalists are expected to say so.

“The NMC is also directing the media not to publish political messages and adverts 24 hours before the elections of December 7, 2012, as stated in its Guidelines for Political Advertising,” it added.

This directive, according to NMC, is in consonance with the ruling of the EC that there should be no political campaigning throughout the country 24 hours before the elections.

“Accordingly, radio houses, television stations and the print media should bear this directive in mind and not allow their space, platforms and programmes to be used by political spokespersons or any other persons directly or indirectly,” the statement said.

The NMC also reminded all stakeholders that any complaints against the media should be reported to the commission, which has set up a special committee to respond quickly to complaints about media before, during and after elections.

By Awudu Mahama

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South Africa: Over 35,000 Expected in Cape Town CBD Instalment of Cosatu-Led Nationwide Protest

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Albert Kwame Kemevor, a movie actor, has been sentenced by an Accra Circuit Court for robbing a driver of his taxi cab.

The accused person was jailed by Francis Obiri after the movie actor and Enoch, an accomplice at large, sprayed pepper into the eyes of the driver and took the taxi away.

Kemevor was nabbed when they tried to sell the car. The accused person has been handed 20 years for robbery and five years for conspiracy, both of which are to run concurrently.

Just before his sentence was read out, the accused person prayed for mitigation of sentence, saying he had been suffering epileptic fits which sometimes made it difficult for him to control himself.

When sentencing the accused person, the trial judge stated that the prosecution had done enough to prove it was the accused person who stole the taxi with the help of an accomplice.

He said the evidence of the accused person was not consistent and he failed to cite any evidence to prove his innocence.

He consequently said he found the accused person guilty of the offence and jailed him.

Presenting the facts of the case, the state attorney, Stella Ohene Appiah told the court that the complainant, Benjamin Oscar Agbenyo, is the driver of a taxi cab with registration number: GT 6812 Y.

She said the movie actor and his accomplice are friends and residents of Amamorley, near Pokuase.

According to her on February 10, 2012, at about 9:00 p.m. the complainant was driving his taxi cab around Ofankor Old Barrier when the accused persons hired his services to Amamorley.

The state attorney noted that when they got to their destination the driver wanted to make a u-turn for them to get down. The movie actor who was in the driver’s seat sprayed pepper into the driver’s eyes.

Furthermore, she said the driver screamed for help and got down the car to look for water to wash his face and the accused persons took the vehicle and sped off. A complaint was then lodged with the police.

Explaining further, the state attorney said on February 16, 2010, when the movie actor and Enoch tried to sell the car to someone, they were apprehended by the police, but Enoch managed to escape.

Mrs. Appiah noted that during his arrest, the accused person admitted the offence and mentioned Enoch as his accomplice.

� :tb����ve to free and fair elections. Political parties should stop being provocative in their campaign posture and language.

“To promote informed choices, all those organizations concerned with civic education should team up to educate people about their civic and electoral rights. It is healthy for citizens to hold different political opinions and engage in rational discourse, while all the time respecting each other’s dignity,” they stated.

The bishops urged the security agencies to be impartial in the discharge of their duties and asked the contestants to exhibit a high sense of statesmanship by undertaking to accept election results declared by the Electoral Commission, saying, “Be magnanimous in victory and gracious in defeat.”

By Fidelia Achama




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1 dies, 850 displaced by fire

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The Ghana Catholic Bishop Conference has asked Christians to “make their own decisions as to which party comes closest to the Christian ethos and offers them hope” in the crucial general elections on Friday.

“Christian voters are encouraged to be more discerning and objective in their analysis of socio-economic issues and should use for instance, the Catholic Social Teaching, to examine the views of the candidates on pertinent issues considering the candidates’ integrity and their past and potential performance.”

In their pastoral letter on election 2012, signed by Most Rev. Joseph Osei-Bonsu, Bishop of Konongo-Mampong and President of the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference, they said, “Voting should be guided more by one’s moral convictions than by one’s attachment to a political party or interest group.

“We want to continue to offer guidance to all peace loving Ghanaians as we come towards elections 2012. The Church’s obligation to teach about moral values that should shape our lives, including our public lives, is central to its mission and would not be compromised.”

The bishops said it was unfortunate that Ghanaians became relevant only because of impending elections, noting, “This is partially because most citizens do not see themselves as having a role to play and the representatives are seemingly happy to keep it that way.”

“We urge all citizens, especially Christians, to be interested in issues that affect them – choice of representation, evaluation of their effort, holding these representatives accountable at all times, encouraging them or constructively criticizing them when necessary.”

The bishops said the Electoral Commission (EC) had a duty to conduct free, fair, credible and transparent election and not do things that fed into perceptions that the commission was favouring one party over another, and also challenged the media to be “cultured, ethical and absolutely fair in reporting of events before, during and after the elections”.

“We appeal to the EC to ensure that all relevant resources are deployed for the elections. Furthermore, we call on the EC to undertake still diligent checks into the background of prospective electoral officers who would be selected to supervise the various polling stations to avoid situations where they could easily be compromised.

“The environment before elections is critical and must be conducive to free and fair elections. Political parties should stop being provocative in their campaign posture and language.

“To promote informed choices, all those organizations concerned with civic education should team up to educate people about their civic and electoral rights. It is healthy for citizens to hold different political opinions and engage in rational discourse, while all the time respecting each other’s dignity,” they stated.

The bishops urged the security agencies to be impartial in the discharge of their duties and asked the contestants to exhibit a high sense of statesmanship by undertaking to accept election results declared by the Electoral Commission, saying, “Be magnanimous in victory and gracious in defeat.”

 By William Yaw Owusu



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Cops who stopped Gupta discharged

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NPP Rally Inset: NDC Rally

What was supposed to be a regional rally by the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) turned to a ‘jama’ and dancing competition among various youth groups who converged at the Tamale Jubilee Park late Monday.

According to regional executives of the NDC, the rally was supposed to wrap up its campaigns in the Northern Region but DAILY GUIDE gathered it hit a snag.

The overhyped rally which was organized against fierce resistance from some bigwigs of the ruling party in the region was to counteract the mammoth regional rally organized by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) late last week, which was said to be the talk of town.

According to our sources, some NDC gurus, including deputy minister of state deemed the flopped rally as unnecessary in view of the fact that the timing was not appropriate.

But regional executives, in variance to these concerns, endorsed the rally, only for it to flop after huge sums of money were reportedly sunk into its organization.

The much touted rally, after failing to attract the needed attention of party supporters in the region, only saw dozens of supporters made up of some youth earlier in the day, removing the silencers of motorbikes and making noise on the principal streets of the metropolis.

In desperation to ensure that the crowd beat that of the NPP, supporters were bussed from various locations and constituencies to Tamale. However, they could not fill the grounds, as was seen during last week’s rally by the opposition party.

Some supporters allegedly assigned to go into town to distribute T-shirts and cash to lure persons to the grounds to achieve the objective for which the event was organized, came back downhearted.

This gave the leeway to the numerous dance troops to showcase their talents in attempt to beat other groups who also came from some constituencies for the event, to their skills.

The dancers and singers, without any recourse to what many said, only danced and chanted victory songs.

Pre-promotional radio advertisements claimed the NDC standard bearer, John Dramani Mahama, was billed to address supporters of the party but failed to turn up with excuse from organizers that he was having other equally important engagements in the national capital.

Many had expected the NDC to beat the NPP in terms of numbers   at the regional rally, as the North was tagged as one of the “World Banks” of the ruling party, but were disappointed.

This however came on the heels of emerging reports of alleged machinations by the ruling party to sabotage the grand rally of the NPP.

According to our sources, management of the Metro Mass Transit (MMT) were directed to double hiring fees of their buses so that the NPP might not be able to transport their supporters to Tamale.

It was gathered that the NPP, after failing to raise the new charges, resorted to cutting down the number of buses from the various constituencies in order to save cost.

In spite of this, the turnout at the event was amazing, according to some observers who tipped the NPP to appreciate its number of votes in Friday’s polls.

The NPP’s vision for the North was believed to have gained much attention and commendation by residents in most constituencies in the Northern region.

Apart from meeting with party faithful on his listening tour, the flagbearer and his lieutenants were recorded to have visited some churches and religious leaders in the past three years to outline their policies to the electorate.

It was therefore not surprising, DAILY GUIDE observed, that a red carpet reception was accorded Nana Addo and his team in their last visit to the region to join party supporters to climax their campaigns in the area.

The massive turnout in the Tamale rally, according to some observers showcased a clear manifestation that Nana Addo, irrespective of efforts by his saboteurs, had indeed won the hearts and minds of many people in the region.

From all indications, DAILY GUIDE gathered that the NPP flagbearer may appreciate his votes on Friday compared to what he had in 2008.

Pundits predicted that his sustained relationship with the chiefs and people of the region won him the admiration; for which he is likely to ride high ahead of his close competitors during the elections.

 From Stephen Zoure, Tamale

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Nigeria gas rig fire extinguished

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Dr Joe Oteng Adjei – Minister of Energy

Mere Power Nzema Limited has announced plans to build Africa’s largest solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant in Ghana.

The 155 megawatt plant, which will be situated at Aiwiaso in the East Nzema District, is expected to increase Ghana’s current generating capacity by 6 percent.

UK-based renewable energy investor and developer, Blue Energy, the parent company of Mere Power Nzema announced this yesterday.

Mere Power Nzema will commence construction of the $400 million plant in 2013, and will start generating power in the fourth quarter of 2013 with full commercial operation by mid-2015.

The project will create 500 jobs over the two-year construction period and 200 permanent jobs. It is also expected to stimulate another 2100 jobs in the local economy.

Last month, Energy Minister Joe Oteng-Adjei announced he was seeking $1 billion of private investment to help Ghana achieve its target of generating 10 percent of electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

The Nzema project will meet 20 percent of this generation target.

Chris Dean, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Blue Energy said: “The Nzema project is a serious investor response to Ghana’s effort to build a sustainable low-carbon energy economy which reliably powers industry and households for jobs and wealth creation. Blue Energy and our consultants HML Marine Power and Energy Ltd. have enjoyed working with the Ghana government to achieve this milestone”.

He commented: “Ghana’s forward-thinking strategy puts it in a strong position to lead the renewable energy revolution in sub-Saharan Africa. Nzema is a case study in how governments can unlock the huge potential for solar energy in Africa. We are delighted that it will make a strong contribution to the national economy, provide much needed generating capacity and help develop the skills of the future.”

Don Ackah, Chief Executive of Blue Energy’s Ghanaian consultants HML Marine Power and Energy said: “This is a solid achievement for Ghana’s energy sector, demonstrating what is possible when Government offers industry a clear policy and regulatory framework and when investors demonstrate willingness to follow laid down procedures and engage constructively with local regulators.”

Mere Power Nzema has secured key consents to continue the project.

Ghana’s regulator, the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC), has awarded it an indicative feed-in tariff for the plant’s 20-year operational life under the Renewable Energy Law.

The Energy Commission has also issued a Generation License and Ghana’s transmission grid manager, GRIDCo has confirmed it will connect the Nzema plant to the grid.

The company will now move to conclude discussions with the international banks and investment funds that have expressed interest in the project. It expects to reach financial close in the first half of 2013.

The Nzema plant is expected to contribute $100 million in tax to Ghana’s government over its lifetime. Its clean energy will avoid emissions of 5.5 million tonnes of CO2.

A Business Desk Report

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Rodgers sticking with Swansea

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Dr Joseph Siaw Agyepong dancing to the tune of Elder Mereku

Thousands of employees of Zoomlion Ghana Limited and Jospong Group of Companies gathered to observe a week-long thanksgiving service to show appreciation to God for a successful year.

Through out the week, management and staff from across the country joined hands to worship in the event, which was themed, “Our God who began it will accomplished it” at the headquarters of the company in Accra.

Government officials, Members of Parliament (MPs), Mayor of Accra, Ministers of God and other dignitaries in the financial sector took part in the celebration, which attracted family and friends of the company.

Speaking at the end of the week-long thanksgiving service, Dr Agyepong said, “We are grateful to government for the tremendous private sector support that we have received till date in this endeavour.”

In the area of education, he stated the company has, in collaboration with the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and the University of Western Ontario in Canada, established a tertiary institution for sanitation and waste management.

The company, he said, continues to pursue its plans of extending its tentacles to other countries.

“On the international scene, we have also stepped out of our shores and comfort zone to other countries such as Dubai, Sierra Leone, Togo, Liberia, Angola, Zambia and Equatorial Guinea while plans are far advanced for other countries such as Southern Sudan and Qatar.”

On the December polls, Dr Agyapong passionately appealed to Ghanaians, especially the youth to heed the numerous advice of National Peace Council, Christian and Moslem leaders, eminent chiefs to ensure peace.

“We, at Zoomlion and the Jospong Group, passionately appeal to you to heed these words of wisdom so that we will continue to live in peace before, during and after the elections.”

Apostle D.K. Noble Atsu (Rtd) predicted that the Jospong Group would double its present size in the years ahead.

“Greater things are yet to happen. The 36 companies will move to 60 and over.”

In the sermon titled “beware of little foxes”, Apostle Atsu (Rtd) noted there are little things which people do not regard but end up affecting their lives and they should be watched.

He named vain talk, pride and weak spiritual life as hindrances that could affect one’s work.

“One’s spiritual standing can affect his or her work.

He said, “Inability to cope with prosperity when God blesses us and pulling our colleagues down when they are promoted at the workplace is not a good practice.”

Later prayers were said for the nation, chief executive and workers of Jospong Group after seasoned gospel musicians, Elder Mereku Jnr and Cecilia Marfo treated the gathering to scintillating music.

Proceeds from the thanksgiving ceremony would be donated to the needy in the country

 By Emelia Ennin Abbey

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Redknapp: Dream job not for me

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Archie Hesse

DStv has signed onto the Direct Debit payment system implying that patrons can have their subscriptions paid every month without visiting any of the payment outlets.

The move is to create a lot of convenience for the subscribers who will no longer hustle through the heavy traffic to renew the subscription.

Subscribers only need to issue a mandate and their monthly subscriptions will be paid on their behalf as long as they want.

The Chief Executive of Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS), Archie Hesse described the move as clear example of the use of technology to provide improved services for customers.

Mr. Hesse encouraged service providers to avail themselves to the various payment systems available in the country to ensure that their customers enjoy the benefits of technology.

He said people should be empowered to have a variety of payment options so that they will choose the most appropriate to suit their circumstances.

GhIPSS, as part of its mandate to reform the nation’s payment system, introduced the Ghana Automated Clearing House (GACH), which comes in two forms namely Direct Credit and Direct Debit.

Both payment systems are used for recurring payments and collections on specific dates at the instruction of the customers. It is a fast electronic payment system, which creates a lot of convenience for both the customer and the service provider.

Under the Direct Debit arrangement, customers of the DSTV can sign a mandate that allows their banks to pay the monthly subscriptions on their behalf, without the need to visit the bank or even send reminders every month. Once the subscriber signs the mandate, the subscriptions will be paid on his or her behalf until they instruct otherwise.

DStv has entered into an arrangement with Zenith Bank to receive the subscriptions from the banks of the customers and pay into the account of DStv.

With increasing sophistication and demands of the job, subscribers of DStv with banks accounts can opt for Direct Debit which will ensure that their banks promptly pay their subscriptions to avoid the discomfort of having their subscriptions suspended or taking time off to search for a payment outlet.

A business desk report

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Micah Richards: Hardest thing I’ve ever done

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Paul Tawiah Quaye, IGP

TENS OF thousands of security persons thronged various polling centres across the country to participate in the special voting yesterday, with the Inspector General of Police, Paul Tawiah Quaye calling on Ghanaians to behave in a disciplined manner and show respect to each other during Friday’s polls to ensure peace.

The Chief Constable observed that the election was a very important process which was the hallmark of democratic governance and everyone had a role to play to ensure its success.

The IGP stormed the Cantonments Barracks Polling Centre “E” at about 12:45 to take part in yesterday’s special voting.

It was after casting his vote that he spoke with the media, explaining that the entire process seemed to be well managed. He was however quick to add that the only disturbing issue was that some of the security persons who were supposed to appear on the special security list were missing.

He said the Police Administration had taken up the matter and had meetings with the EC over the anomaly.

The La Dadekotopon constituency had five polling stations for the special voting. Three were at the Cantonments Police Barracks while two were at the Burma Camp.

At the Cantonments Centre “D”, as at 10:04am, the presiding officer, Solomon Bright-Davies, told DAILY GUIDE, 142 persons out of 914 expected voters had voted.

However, about 52 persons had their names missing in the register, with military officers being the most affected.

As at 11:5am, the presiding officer at Cantonments centre “E”, Enoch Collins, had recorded 158 votes out of 912, with about 20 persons’ names missing in the register.

At Cantonment centre “C”, at about 12:30pm, 212 voters out of 914 had gone through the process, said Mr. Ahenakwah, the presiding officer at that centre.

He said over 20 persons had their names missing in the register.

At the Osu Police Station Centre “B”, as at 9:17am, 131 persons had voted; while centre “A” recorded 160 votes at 9:43am. Both centres were expecting 780 voters in their registers.

The Osu District Commander, Superintendent K.A. Arhin, told DAILY GUIDE that there had not been any incident since the start of the exercise at 7am.

The EU Ambassador, Claude Martin, who led a three-member delegation to observe the elections at the Cantonments Barracks Polling Centres, told DAILY GUIDE the exercise was quite well organized. “The registration exercise was a bit of a problem but these elections have a lot of credibility because one is sure that the person voting is indeed the registered voter.”

Pix saved at the poll in a folder at newdaily showing photos from Osu police station polling centres A & B and Cantonments polling centre.

yle=’m{`ii(���^�le:normal’>DAILY GUIDE, admitted that the exercise experienced some challenges.

He said apart from the names of a few security personnel which could not be found, the whole process, according to him, was smooth and hoped that December 7 would be an improved version.

Mr Manu stated that a total of 570 special voters in Tema East; 720 from Tema West; 357 from Tema Central; and 533 from Kpone Katamanso were expected to cast their votes by the close of day yesterday.

 BY Rocklyn Antonio

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UN seeks protection for journalists

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A Security personnel going through the verification process

SOME SECURITY personnel in the Tema Metropolis who participated in the special voting exercise yesterday fumed over the omission of their names from the voters register.

The security personnel from the various security agencies within the metropolis who will be deployed on December 7, 2012 to monitor the general elections expressed their disappointment about their failure to vote in the special voting.

There was some tension at polling stations in the metropolis, with some officers confronting Electoral Commission (EC) officials demanding answers to why they could not find their names in the registers at various centres.

According to some of them, they travelled from far places and expected to vote so as to quickly go back to their stations.

Fifty-three persons had gone through the voting exercise peacefully as at about 8:15am when DAILY GUIDE visited the Ashaiman District Police Station Polling Station.

EC officials told the paper that they expected a total of 843 security personnel and EC officials to cast their votes before the close of day yesterday.

DAILY GUIDE’s visit to some polling centres during the exercise revealed that some security officers who returned from their various duty posts to exercise their franchise were told their names were not in the register. They were however told they could get the chance to vote on December 7 if the problems were rectified.

A certain Nafisah Ibrahim, a fire woman stationed at Tamale who travelled to Ashaiman to vote, was very disappointed when she was asked to return on December 7, by which time the problem would have been resolved.

Another disappointed security personnel, Arnold Edem Adzonami, a policeman from the Volta Region, looked frustrated and wondered why his name could not be located in the register. Alfred Tetteh, returning officer at the polling station, explained that the names of the special voters were compiled by heads of the various security agencies and sent directly to the EC head office in Accra for the EC to compile the voter register.

He was of the opinion that the EC should not be blamed for the missing names.

Gabriel Manu, the Tema Metropolitan Electoral Commission Officer, in an interview with DAILY GUIDE, admitted that the exercise experienced some challenges.

He said apart from the names of a few security personnel which could not be found, the whole process, according to him, was smooth and hoped that December 7 would be an improved version.

Mr Manu stated that a total of 570 special voters in Tema East; 720 from Tema West; 357 from Tema Central; and 533 from Kpone Katamanso were expected to cast their votes by the close of day yesterday.

From Razak Mardorgyz Abubakar & Vincent Kubi, Tema

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Six-week-old fire at Chevron rig stops burning

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Students and drivers walking for peace and safety in Sunyani

THE BRONG Ahafo Regional Manager of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), Emmanuel Narh has advised politicians not to use tipper trucks to transport supporters to vote or campaign for them.

He said the best thing any politician could do for his supporters was to avoid placing their lives at risk just to gain political power.

He consequently urged supporters to stay away from boarding tipper trucks and overloaded vehicles that could endanger their lives.

The DVLA boss was speaking after a walk for peace and safety towards Friday’s general elections and the Christmas season organized by the Ghana Road Safety Commission. Political party representatives, students and all transport unions in Sunyani joined the walk to promote safety and peace.

He advised drivers to avoid over speeding during the holiday season so as to avoid killing innocent people and expressed worry over the nearly 1,800 lives that were lost annually through road accidents due to the carelessness of some drivers.

Brong Ahafo Regional Manager of Road Safety, Daniel Wuako, explained that the walk was to educate the public on the importance of staying safe during the elections and subsequently the yuletide. He advised pedestrians to use the roads wisely and not leave the matter of their personal safety to only drivers.

For his part, ASP Teddy Damptey Brown, Deputy Brong Ahafo MTTU boss, advised the drivers to make sure they always carried all the right documentation covering their vehicles to avoid problems with the police.

He also called on drivers to avoid drunk driving and overloading saying those who flouted these regulations would be arrested.

ASP Brown advised drivers to slow down when they reached towns and villages because school children were not on vacation yet.

Brong Ahafo Regional GPRTU Chairman, Ben Kusi pleaded with the drivers to observe all road instructions and avoid getting into problem with the police as the elections and the Christmas festivities were getting closer.

“Avoid rushing because you want more money in just a day,” he added.

At the end of the walk, transport unions that excelled during the year by observing all the road regulations were awarded.

MMT placed first, O.A Transport placed second, while GPRTU took third place.

 From Vivianna Mensah, Sunyani

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