Propaganda Opinion Polls Won’t Win Elections – Bawumia

The Vice Presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has questioned the veracity of the opinion polls circulating in the nation’s media and has described them as a “mastermind of propaganda opinion polls” by the ruling government.

Speaking on Citi FM’s news analysis programme Eyewitness News on Monday, the Vice Presidential candidate noted that the results of the opinion polls being conducted were a clear indication that the government had lost touch with the concerns of the people and could not be trusted with the duty of governing the nation any further.

“When you go round the country, the assessment of the poll is at variance with the reality on the ground and if you have visited Bunkpurugu recently it will be incredible that any party other than the NPP will win this constituency,” he stated.

“We can argue with polls and everyone has their own opinions but the only poll that will matter is the poll that will happen in four days time. We are in for a major shock on Election Day as the picture the government may want people to believe will be quite shockingly different on polling day. This is from my own assessment,” he added.

When asked if the NPP will be able to get the votes that eluded them in the North during the 2008 elections, Dr Bawumia said he believed the NPP’s message of transformation will win them the elections.

“Nana Addo’s message has been one of economic transformation whiles the NDC’s record has been one of economic mismanagement so whether you are in the North or the South, the message of transformation and the broken promises of the NDC when put side by side see an overwhelming number of people moving toward voting for Nana Akufo-Addo.”

Dr Bawumia noted, “If you are in Accra and you are listening to the propaganda, you may think that there is a very different picture on the ground but the work that the NPP has done will show a remarkable performance in the Northern region.”

“John Mahama may come from the North but so does Abu Sakara and Hassan Ayariga but the only concerns of the people of the North is who can solve their problems, educate their children, to provide jobs for our people as well as good health and not whether you are from the North or not”.

“If you come from the north and you are not able to solve the problems for the people, it does not mean anything for the people who are really crying out for solutions,” Dr Bawumia opined.