Konadu Endorses Candidate

Nana Konadu introduces Dr Sunu NDP candidate for Agotime Ziope

Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings, the leader of the National Democratic Party (NDP), will today endorse one of the eight presidential candidates for the December 7 elections.

With her incessant verbal attacks on the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) over its poor integrity ratings, it is doubtful her endorsement will go to President John Mahama.

Her announcement on Adom FM yesterday definitely prompted tongue-wagging regarding who would attract the endorsement of the former First Lady who has remained resolute and steadfast in her political convictions.

Whichever presidential candidate is endorsed by Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings will also have the NDP’s 150 parliamentary candidates campaigning for him.

Her announcement today will come on the heels of the legal setback she suffered regarding her bid to contest the forthcoming elections at a Human Rights Court.

She had sought the court to compel the Electoral Commission (EC) to include her name on the ballot paper for the December polls.

According to Nana Konadu, “We have taken the decision, as the NDP, to let all our parliamentary candidates know by the end of tomorrow as to which direction our votes should go in the presidential elections. We know some people may have varied choices but that will be the party’s official position.

“In 2008, we decided to change because there were some people in power who didn’t care for the people and now the new ones are doing the same thing so it’s incumbent on the good people of Ghana to change again until we improve on what we are doing,” Nana Konadu added.

Ends Volta Tour

The NDP leader, who has been on a tour of the Volta Region, urged Ghanaians to vote into Parliament, candidates of the party, because they would protect the interests of the people and ensure that government policies were properly scrutinised.

Nana Konadu said NDP candidates were credible people with the sole aim of seeking accountability in government and cutting out the cancer of corruption that had engulfed Ghanaian politics.

The Volta Region tour, which was heavily patronised by party supporters and sympathizers, saw Mrs Rawlings touring the Ho-West Constituency, Agotime-Ziope constituency and a host of others.

The former First Lady bemoaned the corruption that had engulfed present-day politics, with politicians greedily amassing personal wealth at the expense of the poor.

She said the NDP would support its 155 candidates across the country to win their parliamentary seats in order to prosecute the party’s agenda of seeking political, social and economic prosperity and equity for all.