Immigration officers demonstrate over special voting

Some Immigration officers at Sampa in the Jaman North District of the Bono Ahafo region are angry with the Electoral Commission (EC) for refusing to allow them to vote in Tuesday’s special voting exercise.

The EC is currently conducting a nationwide special voting for security personnel and EC staff who will be working on Election Day, December 7.

While the exercise is currently underway, the Immigration officers, who are 25 in number and stationed at the boarder town, have been turned away by the EC because their names could not be found in the voters’ register.

According to one of the officers who spoke to Election Headquarters, the EC says they should come and vote on December 7.

The obviously livid officer said the arrangement was problematic and was likely to burden financially as they may have travel to their various polling centres – which may be located far away from their duty posts.

He recounted that before the voting exercise, their senior officers asked all officers to submit their voter ID cards and names and wondered why their names were not in the register.