I Will Strip Alhaji Gruzah Of His Clothes To Collect My Money – Odotei

Posted On Tuesday, 4th December 2012

I will strip Alhaji Gruzah of his clothes to collect my money - Odotei

Vincent Sowah-Odotei

Vincent Sowah-Odotei has sworn to redeem all monies owed him by Alhaji Karim Gruzah even if it takes stripping him off his clothes.

The ex Hearts of Oak chief was reacting to accusations of financial malfeasance while serving as Chief Executive Officer of King Faisal.

Alhaji Gruzah, President of the Kumasi-based club had earlier waged a campaign to disclose the extent of theft in his bank accounts set up to run the club by Odotei.

However the former Ghana FA Presidential aspirant in denying the claims made by the veteran football administrator says it is him rather that is owed colossal amounts of money of which he will employ all means necessary to retrieve.

“I want to tell Alhaji Gruzah to prepare very well because I am going to collect every penny he owes me,” he told GHANAsoccernet.com.

“The days that he feigns ignorance and illiteracy to play the victim and to win blind public support is past and gone.

“He did it to Herbert Mensah, he did it to George Amoako but not me Obama. I will collect every single penny from him, Alhaji Grunzah.

“I financed him as an individual, I financed his family and I financed the club.

“So if asking him to pay my money and collecting my money is a crime, then I will make sure I collect everything that he owes me left with what he has paid so far.

“I will not give Alhaji Gruzah the pleasure of drawing me into an illiterate argument, I am too big for that.

“I slaved for him for four years, I will not let Alhaji Gruzah to blackmail me with media.

“I will take every penny from him, tell him. I will strip his office naked and he should even be careful or otherwise I will strip his clothes off then he can prove to the world whether I owe him or not.”

Sowah-Odotei resigned his post as CEO of King Faisal at the beginning of the season after helping the side regain its Premiership status.

He however insists his departure was not influenced by the gradual deterioration in relations with Alhaji Gruzah but regerets ever working with the charismatic leader.

“No, I left on good terms, I resigned from King Faisal but continued to help him register players and to play his first game against Liberty,” he adds.

“I even paid the hotel bills for the game against Liberty. He (Alhaji Gruzah) is the most ungrateful, undeserving person I have ever met.

“He lived in my house, he drove my cars, not him alone. I did things for him that I wouldn’t even do for my parents.”