Amasaman Goes Gay For NPP

Electorates of the newly created Amasaman Constituency have vowed to turn over new leaf by ignoring the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and vote massively for the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to them, the NPP Parliamentary Candidate, Clement Nii Lamptey Wilkinson has been able to explain the free SHS policy trumpeted by Nana Akufo Addo and for that matter, they would avoid ‘skirt and blouse’ and vote the NPP en bloc.

Over 8,000 party faithful gathered to prove to the doubting thomases of their preparedness to ignore the NDC which they described as very incompetent and vote massively for the NPP.

They explained that, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) which they had always vote for had failed in government and therefore must be kicked out.

Meanwhile, the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for the constituency, Mr. Clement Nii Lamptey Wilkinson in his address on Sunday, thanked the electorate for their readiness to vote for NPP, adding that he (Wilkinson) and Nana Addo will deliver on their promises.

He also called on the electorate to look at the past achievements chalked by the Kufuor-led administration as compared to the NDC and vote wisely this Friday so as to bring the party back to power.

He further stated that the NDC government was full of lies having failed to deliver on massive promises made to Ghanaians and called on all to reject and vote for the NPP.

“The NDC made a number of promises in opposition but they have failed to deliver them. I have done a whole lot for the constituency in terms of development and this signals my victory come Friday 7th December” Nii Lampty Wilkinson hinted.

Taking a bite at the controversial judgment debts paid to Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome, ISOFOTON and CP by the NDC government, Wilkinson, as he is popularly called, averred that, such monies could have been used to develop the nation to an appreciable level.

The First Vice-Chairman of the Constituency, Mr. Abubakari Abdulah in his address also called on the people to vote massively for the NPP alleging, that the NDC was full of lies.

According to him, it was negligence that caused the NPP’s defeat in the 2008 election and pleaded with all to be vigilant on Friday to help the party wrest power from the NDC.