40 fish farmers schooled on industry best practices

40 fish farmers schooled on industry best practices

Some of the participants at the workshop

Forty selected fish farmers along the Volta Lake at Akosombo in the Eastern Region have been introduced to international best practices in aquaculture at a day’s workshop.

Organised by the Netherlands based Coppens International, the workshop was aimed at sharpening the skills of the farmers and equipping them with tools to enhance the commercial viability of their business.

Coppens International is acclaimed worldwide as the industry’s best grade producer of fish feed, supplying over 40 countries from Europe to Africa.

Speaking at the workshop, Mr. Rob Groot, Managing Director of Coppens International said Ghana has conducive enough natural environment to spur large scale commercial fish farming. Among others he mentioned high oxygen levels, suitable temperature and vast clean water resources. He said these coupled with the stable political and economic environment should excite many more Ghanaians to embrace fish farming as an alternative income earner.

He said with the fast depleting ocean fish stocks which has also made fishing itself unattractive as catches continue to grow smaller and thinner each day, inshore fishing provides the best alternative in meeting the people’s ever increasing fish protein requirements.

According to Mr. Rob Groot, Coppens’ industry-deep knowledge accounts for its high quality fish feeds which when applied methodically, produces enormous yields at a reduced time span for almost every species of farmed fish. The feeds are also available for fishes in all their development stages.