Stop Using My Song – Dr. Slim Tells NPP

Manager of hiplfe artiste Dr. Slim, Daniel Obeng has called on the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to stop using his client’s hit song ‘Ole Seke’ for one of its campaign commercial.

In an interview with Citi News, Daniel Obeng noted that the NPP did not contact him or the artiste on the use of the song.

The latest NPP campaign commercial seeks to depict the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government as corrupt and fraudulent for irresponsibly paying judgement debts to business man Alfred Woyome and other persons and institutions.

“We weren’t contacted before this song was made. Even before heard it, I had a couple of calls and we also had people calling the artiste and threatening him and all that… we realized that they were using it to push forward their campaign so we had to do something about it, the aggrieved Manager intimated”

He stated that the advert was negatively affecting his artiste because “they just went for a show quite recently and immediately they dropped the beat, people started singing the other one and so this is not helping my artiste and that is my problem.”

Mr. Obeng indicated that the campaign team of the NPP had been contacted on the issue but noted that “the response we got from them wasn’t too good… they said they will get back to us and make sure we solve it but up till now, we haven’t heard anything from them and it’s worrying.”

He maintained that Dr. Slim is in no way a supporter of any political party in Ghana and maintained that the advert be withdrawn.