‘Ghost’ Kills Rival?

Tongues are wagging at Nyomoase, in the Brong-Ahafo Region, following the mysterious death of a farmer in the room of a widow he was flirting with.

Kofi Grunsi, the deceased, ignored advice from family members that it was unacceptable to flirt with a widow who had lost the husband barely six months ago.

He stealthily entered the widow’s room through the back window, however, after a few minutes, he screamed and then collapsed, with blood oozing from the nose and ears and died shortly.

The incident, said to be the first in the community, has given room for speculation, that superstition could be the cause.

Whereas some of the inhabitants believe Kofi might have violated a taboo by forcibly having an affair with a woman in mourning, others think otherwise.

Narrating the facts of the case to The Spectator, Yama Kegeri, popularly known as Oldman said, Grunsi, allegedly raped a neighbor, Ayishetu Abiba who is mourning her husband, who passed away in June this year.

Kegeri said when Grunsi was questioned; he disclosed that he wanted to marry Ayishetu. As to when he will do so, he did not say.
He said family members of Ayishetu detected that Kofi was having an affair with the widow.

Kegeri said, the family members sat Grunsi down and advised him to stop that act as the woman was still mourning her deceased husband and if he wanted to marry her, he should wait for the mourning period to end before he performs the marriage rites. But this fell on deaf ears as Grunsi continued with his secret love affair.

On November 18, this year at about 9:30pm, Grunsi was said to have entered Ayishetu’s room through a back window when he realized that there were other family members sitting in the yard of the house.
Kegeri said, Ayishetu informed family members that when Grunsi came through the window, she asked him to go away but he refused.

Just as he stepped in the room, surprisingly the whole room turned very cold which gave her goose pimples.

Kegeri said, Grunsi shouted as if someone had hit him, and he fell on the floor with blood oozing from his nose and ears. He has since been buried.