Producer Shoots Film On Aluu 4 Victims, Nigerians Lambast Nollywood **’My Movie Isn’t About Aluu’–Producer Cries Out

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Location pix from the controversialmovie on Aluu 4

Few months ago, the world was shaken with the news on the gruesome killing of four promising undergraduate students of University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT), Rivers State, Nigeria. The four boys; Ugonna Ibuzor, Tekena Elkanah, Llyod Michael and Chidiaka Biringa were stripped unclothed, beaten while being paraded round the village, Aluu, and finally set ablazed which led to their deaths.

The killing of the four UNIPORT undergraduates heated the world polity as international media outfits reported the story and it received diverse reactions from those who heard about it. It further affected the image of Nigeria as some foreigners reportedly stopped having anything to do with some Nigerians both home and abroad.

Barely three months after the death of the four students, a Nollywood producer, Simony Productions, which shot BlackBerry Babes, has reportedly decided to shoot a movie on the Aluu murder when those behind the incident have not been brought to book yet.

According to what scooped from industry sources, the movie of the unfortunate Aluu killing is at an advance stage of its shooting now.

However, some Nigerians have kicked against the development which they see as a mockery of the death of the students. “I can bet that this movie would be a wack one. The censor board should never pass this movie because it is totally uncalled for,” an angry Nigeria told

Another Nigerian said, “what is wrong with Nollywood? Why would a producer shoot a movie about a bad incident that was condemned by the world? It is too early to shoot a movie on Aluu because this would hurt the parents the more.”

“I doubt if they got the approval of the late victims’ parents before doing this movie. That is my problem with this industry called Nollywood. They keep spoiling Nigeria with their dirty lifestyles. If the family of this movie producer was involved in the incident, would he have gone ahead to shoot this movie? He just wants to make money out of Nigerians with the ugly incident, another vexed Nigerian told

An industry source, who begged for anonymity told us, “Simony is a businessman that wants to rake Nigerians through the Aluu 4 incident. If he goes ahead with this movie on Aluu 4, the he should be ready to hear from the spirits of the dead four guys. Why must he put the families of the dead boys in another agony when Christmas and New Year celebrations are just around the corner?

Speaking with when contacted on phone, Simony claimed the movie is not about Aluu 4 as being reported. He said Nigerians and the press in particular would have waited for him to release the film before concluding the flick was about the unfortunate incident.

“A movie has not been made and you people (the media) are just jumping into conclusion. You press write too much. Will you conclude [that my film is on Aluu 4] because you see location pictures? What I will want you to do is to wait and let the movie comes out first before assuming the film is about Aluu 4. You are hearing from the horse’s that the movie is not about Aluu 4,” Simony disclosed to when answering series of questions asked him by about the controversial movie.

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Location pix from the movie

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JEREMY-SPAIN | 11/29/2012 3:37:34 AM

Nollywood no no wetin to produce again. Den don tire sotey na so so rubish films dem dey produce nowadays. Fcking producers¡¡

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Lalaland | 11/29/2012 4:12:08 AM |

I knew those greedy ediotic mordafhuckers producers will make money out of the deaths of those boys! They shouldnt shoot this stewpid 2 by 4 film because it is still raw in people’s mind and also their family memebers mind! This is just bad taste in every sense of the word! Yesterday i was reading dailymail online and they featured the aluu 4 story! Oyinbo and people round the world were just trashing nigeria because of this abonimable act! They called us nigerians BARBARIC!! Also this use to happen in south africa until it was banned! Nollysheitwood you pepo are a disgrace! Fhucking lunatic ediots! I will NEVER support nollysheitwood! One question though, what are you producers trying to achieve? What is the positive side of this nonsense play? Their parents and everyone who read the story and saw the evil clip are still grieving! I say BAN it NOW!

Chyke | 11/29/2012 4:41:34 AM |

Dis simony producer is d maker of crappy movies lyk blackberry babes, Lady Gaga n so on. He does rubb!sh. Imagine him trying to make a movie about dat ugly incidence, he must be very stup!d. He is just lying cos dat film is truly about Aluu 4. D censors board should make sure dat dat rubb!sh of a film is banned. Am even suprised dat dey didn’t ban dat 1 dey produced titled ‘ILLUMINATI’. Imagine uncle Olu Jacobs starring in such a movie, how do dey xpect a gud movie viewer lyk me to watch a film with a rediculous title lyk ILLUMINATI. I honestly think GEJ made a mistake by calling nolloywood 9ja promoters cos dey are not. Mtchewww!!