MDAs in ECOWAS sub-region told to peer review each other

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Mr Kweku Amoabeng Ortsin of Media Response, which focuses on gathering and disseminating information on the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), has appealed to Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in the sub-region to peer review each other and share their best practices.

He also called for bilingualism in all public institutions across the region as well as internship and exchange programmes with the view to bridging the cross-cultural divide in the sub-region.

These were contained in the “Role of Public Sector” section of a Booklet of Questions and Answers on ECOWAS authored by him.

He said the method of teaching languages in the sub-region “is rather laborious and archaic” raising the need to apply modern techniques and technologies including computer software programmes to remedy the situation.

The 43- page booklet also provides questions and answers on the roles of women and youth groups, the private sector, the media, academia, security agencies, arts and culture, cross border traders and drivers, traditional and religious authorities and civil society in the rapid realization of the vision, aims and objectives of the sub-regional body.

The Booklet also features questions and answers on the institutions of ECOWAS, its achievements, challenges and prospects and new vision as well as list of abbreviations.

Also featured are profiles of member states and chairpersons from 1997 to date (2012).

The Booklet provides a one stop shop of vital information for students, interviewees, researchers including competitors in quiz programmes and people seeking information on ECOWAS..

In a foreword Mr Ortsin said the “publication is intended to support the ECOWAS Vision2020 which is aimed at transforming the ECOWAS from an ECOWAS of States to an ECOWAS of people.”

“My view is that if this vision would be achieved, there would be the need for mass education of the citizenry to buy into the vision”, Mr Ortsin said.

Source: GNA