Drama At Joy Fm Nite With The Stars


GHANA’S FASTEST rapper Sarkodie and R2Bees last Saturday refused to perform at the much publicized musical concert dubbed, ‘Nite With The Stars’ organized by Joy Fm in solidarity with Kwaw Kese, who was assaulted by the supporters of Vision In Progress (VIP) at the back stage of the Dome of the Accra International Conference Centre.

During his live performance, Kwaw Kese brought a placard on stage bearing the inscription “VIP,” which he threw on the stage and trampled on to depict that in Ghana’s entertainment industry, he (Kwaw Kese) was a true VIP too.

This did not go down well the members of VIP and their supporters, who confronted Kwaw Kese at the back stage because they did not understand the message Kwaw Kese put across whilst performing on stage.

VIP took Kwaw Kese’s creative expression out of context and resorted to violence, with members of their entourage violently demanding that Kwaw Kese apologize on stage for his act. In order not to interrupt the event and also to ensure sanity prevailed, Kwaw Kese and his entourage quickly left the premises of the Dome.

The acts of violence did not stop there, as other stars who tried to preach peace were also attacked by supporters of VIP. The popular MC Commotion also suffered violence because he hyped Kwaw Kese at the show and in the process lost his phone.

Sarkodie and R2Bees, who tried to act as peacemakers were violently threatened. They had to boycott the show to avoid being lynched to death.

Mad Time Entertainment, managers of Kwaw Kese, in a statement signed by Fennec Okyere, manager of Kwaw Kese called on VIP to condemn these acts perpetrated by thugs affiliated to them.

“We are calling on VIP to affirm their belief in creative competition without the need to resort to barbaric violence. While VIP might feel safe in Nima, Kwaw Kese and other entertainers also have fans from Nima to Ashaiman to Swedru and many other parts of Ghana who may want to attack VIP in retaliation.
Violence begets violence and retaliation and in the run-up to our national elections, we urge musicians and every other sector of society to denounce and eschew violence and rather seek peaceful dialogue to resolve any differences they might have.

“We urge Ghanaians who were not in the shoes of Sarkodie and R2Bees not to insult or denigrate them for their refusal to perform in the midst of intimidation.

“We also urge event organizers to ensure adequate security at all events to ensure that no unruly thug can threaten the life of a musician just for his or her creative expression.

“We must learn to appreciate showbiz and entertainment as an area that has no space for violence in this day and age,” the statement said.

The management of VIP, Bullhaus Entertainment also in a statement said: “If indeed it was true that VIP fans were behind the attacks, VIP categorically condemns such incidents.”

The statement called on VIP fans not to engage in such behaviour, adding that VIP did not use violence of any form for any reason. The group believed in dialogue as the best means of addressing challenges.

It said the group has over the years maintained a reputation as one of Africa’s non-violent entertainment group.

“Truly it has never been cited in any form of violence or any violent act. Also it has track-record of never disrespecting anybody in Ghana’s entertainment industry. VIP is recognized as Ghana’s earliest hip life group that derives its unit and purpose from a small community called Nima.

“They are not violent and have further proven that by representing Ghana and Africa on various continental stages. Never have they been indicted for any violent act,” it said.

Bullhaus Entertainment assured music fans that it would not do anything to compromise the respect the brand has earned over the years, adding that “VIP expects persons fuelling these attacks to put an immediate stop to it. It was regrettable that, Promzy, a VIP member, had his car vandalized at the venue just after the ‘Nite With The Stars’ event.”