Dr. Nduom launches his book “WHERE I STAND” on 29th Nov. 2012

Dr. Nduom launches his book “WHERE I STAND” on 29th Nov. 2012

Dr. Papa Kwasi Nduom

Presidential candidate for the Progressive People’s Party, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom will on Thursday, 29th November, 2012, launch his book titled “WHERE I STAND”.

WHERE I STAND comes in 3 volumes and encapsulates in vivid terms his hopes and visions for Ghana, addressing key local issues such as Education, Health care, Accountability in Government, and developing the talents of the country’s youth.

The book which is simple, exciting and cogent; a powerful answer or antidote to the double standards, cynicism and lackadaisical attitude that is symptomatic to leadership in this country since 1992.

These collections are a testament to Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom’s long standing commitment to Public Service and strong family values. Each of these compelling articles and passionate speeches, as well the narratives, reinforces his belief that a well-run government can create better future for its people.

What is impressive about this book is the way in which he daringly states his opinion in articles such as “CAN THE RAWLINGS GOVERNMENT BE SAVED” at a time when the culture of silence in Ghana was at an all-time high. Also how he creatively enumerated the dreams of every Ghanaian in yet another article titled “A SON OF GHANA’S 12 WISHES FOR 1995”. Maybe I should allow you to grab a copy to read for yourself how he cut out the cacophonous noises in “WE MUST RISE ABOVE THE NOISE”.

Another compelling reason why you must read this book is the simplicity with which he writes the stories and articles. He writes in a simple manner, just as if the words were flowing forth from his mouth (above which is covered a by his signature mustache or what is known as ‘mfim mfim’ in Ghanaian parlance). This is an outstanding must read book by Ghana’s most successful leader and entrepreneur.

Succinctly, the three volumes are a journey into the mind and thinking of Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom with regards his vision for mother Ghana. The launching of “WHERE I STAND” will come off at the Coconut Grove Regency Hotel, at exactly 6:00pm prompt.