CODEO applauds biometric registration

Politics of Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Source: etvghana

Biometric Codeo

Despite the numerous hitches that were reported during and after the biometric voter registration exercise, the Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO) has rated the exercise as largely successful.

In their final findings released in Accra Tuesday, the hitches were minimal.

In a survey undertaken with six hundred and fifty observers in six hundred registration centers across all ten regions of Ghana, the coalition of domestic election observers (CODEO) reports that a significant number of registration centers were without the requisite number of EC officials and 61 percent of EC officials discharged their duties without supervision.

Releasing its observation findings, CODEO co-chair, Professor Miranda Greenstreet, said the breakdown of registration equipment was the commonest challenge.

However little was done to resolve that.

There was however, no report of violent incidents in the registration of prisoners, although voter ID cards of the prisoners were handed over to supervising prison officials.

CODEO outlined the following recommendations. CODEO is expected to deploy 4000 observers to monitor this year’s elections.