Sly Collins launches peace song

Obiba Sly Collins, a businessman and professional musician, together with some friends have launched a peace song with a call on politicians to ensure that Ghanaians continue to enjoy peace during and after the elections.

The peace song ‘Yenmoa’, to wit ‘let us help’ is one of the songs in the 10-track audio and video album titled ‘Peace Song’.

Other songs on the album, produced in collaboration with nationwide development limited include ‘Don’t Hide The Truth’, ‘Stop AIDS’, ‘JJC’, and ‘Abembo’.

Unveiling the song at a ceremony in Accra over the weekend, Judith Kuwornu, director of the Nationwide Development Limited, said the song signifies the contribution of the two bodies to the peace campaign.

Representatives of the various political parties and other organizations, including Ghana Actors Guild, Women in Film and Television, Women in Performing Art, The Ark Foundation and some Nollywood personalities also gave messages of peace during the occasion.

The parties advised the electorate to conduct themselves appropriately and put Ghana first in what they do during the election so as to ensure peace is sustained in the country.

They later pledged to do everything possible to ensure peace reigns and Ghana becomes victorious in the upcoming elections.

Sly Collins later gave a live performance of the peace song to the delight of the audience who gave generously to support the initiative.