Church marries politics for community empowerment

Church marries politics for community empowerment

As Ghana’s Election 2012 draws closer, religious groups in Kumasi are increasingly availing their pulpits as a platform for political parties to share their vision with the electorates.

Whilst some groups organize special sessions for the congregation to engage with people seeking political offices, others engage the politicians in their worship services.

In the Asawasi Constituency, the Winning House Chapel International on Sunday hosted the NPP, PPP, NDP, PNC and an Independent candidate contesting the parliamentary seat for the area.

They shared their politicking with the constituents in the Church and demonstrated their commitment to peace as they worshipped together and joined hands in singing patriotic songs.

Senior Minister in-charge of Winning House Chapel, Nana Sarpong, told Luv News the programme is part of the Church’s role in promoting responsible politics.

“Some just feel that they would be voted into power just because they have been able to distribute gift items but we know that it should be about plans you have for the community; it should be how well you want to lift this community where we also reside as a church,” he stated.