30Minitz host explains blond hair

Sadiq, host of 30 Minitz Show on Viasat 1 TV, has been severely criticized after he started to appear on the show with blond hair.

It is difficult to explain why anyone would be concerned about what hair colour a TV host decides to sport but for weeks, the issue of why Sadiq decided to go blond has remained one of the controversies in entertainment circles and generated rather interesting speculations.

NEWS-ONE caught up with Sadiq and put the question directly to him on why he decided to go blond.

“Well with the type of things I do on TV, I appeal more to the younger generation and I just decided to go all out but in a responsible way.

I need to connect. I need to spark some creative and youthful energy in me. I was getting bored and I needed something new and hot.

“Fact is I have mostly worked in the media as a behind the scenes person and I was almost seeing myself as a corporate person due to the fact that my work makes me attend several corporate meetings with marketing executives, brand managers and what have you.

I wanted to strike a balance and that was what motivated me to do this.

It is for a while, it is for a season. When I get tired of it, I would change it and sport something else.

Something more creative; something more inspiring to spark some new energy,” Sadiq explained.

Sadiq, a final year student of the African University College of Communications (AUCC), is in his late 20s and when asked if his decision to go blond was not motivated by excessive youthful exuberance, he had this to say:

“I would not disagree with that school of thought but youthful energy in itself is not negative as long as it does not push you to become irresponsible.

If it is pushing me to become creative and do things that make me relevant in business and I am not going extreme, I would agree with that school of thought.”

30 Minitz is a power-packed entertainment programme that airs on Viasat 1 on Thursdays at 9:30pm, with a repeat broadcast on Saturday mornings.

It takes viewers into the studios of musicians and the behind-the-scenes events that go into the making of their music videos.

The show also explains how musicians collaborate to come out with their songs.

The show has entered its second season and Sadiq reveals it would capture several international collaborations including R2Bees collaborating with Wizkid, Sarkodie and Davido.