Fear Man (Suro Nipa)

Entertainment of Saturday, 24 November 2012


Fear you man’s guile
He is vile
His every move interpret a wile
Be on your guard all the while
Life’s journey, a long mile
Never despair, conquer with smile

Thereon, you will triumph over the pile
Never bitter and rile
Nor jealous with bile
With smiles, file sorrows away in style

Better still, smoke away bitterness as in a
Funeral pyre
And in the pyrotechnics,
Exude bliss and blithe

Notes: In Ghana, names such as Diawuo, Okukuseku, Obinim, Kumnipa, Bonsam, among others, are given to remind us of the vile nature of man. It is also captured in Kweku Ananse folk lore, where the prima dona, Kweku Ananse, epitomizes everything cunning, dishonest, objectionable, despicable or to be deprecated.
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