Trailer: New Movie "State of Emergency" Released

If one has seen the adverts, they begin with prince Dave Osei pronouncement ‘I would like to return to the events of 31st Dec 1981’then comes the grainy pictures and declaration.

‘The President, the Vice President, all Ministers and their deputies are dismissed from office’ on another occasion we see Kofi Adjololo raid a village as a military man and instructs his minions to kill a person just for interrupting his speech.

The events depicted are only too reminiscent of dark times in days gone by and we asked if STATE OF EMERGENCY is a movie about Jerry Rawlings or the Coup d’état.

its not a movie about any individual living or dead’ said Papa Deric the Producer of the movie. ‘sure some events inspired the story. That is the reason why certain footages were used.

To make audience understand certain themes. So no to your question. To even insinuate that would be an insult to Mr. Adjololo who gave the performance of his life or to Mr. Rawlings whose true and noble actions(noble used advisedly)is larger than what we sought to portray.

But what the heck. People will always think what they want after watching the film what do you think.

Watch trailer below: