Rawlings ‘Swerves’ NDC Faithfuls…’Fails’ To Campaign

Enthusiastic supporters of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) whose hopes were raised high following reports that the party’s Founder, Former President Rawlings will rock the party’s campaign in Techiman as part of his efforts to consolidate the campaign of President John Mahama, went home largely disappointed, when the ex-president opted instead to be a neutral.

Mr Rawlings, it appears, was rather on a peace mission and not on a campaign trail. His message focused primarily on the need for a corruption-free society and also how important it is to avoid any form of violence before, during and after the elections.

Accompanied by the Regional NDC Chairman Opoku Atuahene, Regional Organiser Mumuni Saaka and a founding member of the party Amankwa Bimpong, the former president earlier met with the Queen of the area, Nana Hemaa Abrefipoto, where he reportedly told her he was not there to campaign, but to rather appeal to the chiefs and elders there to educate the youth to avoid engaging in any electoral violence.

The party supporters, oblivious of this, were very enthusiastic ahead of the message which they hoped will gear them up for the rest of the campaigning period.

So expectant were the NDC faithfuls that the former president’s “triumphant” entry into the Sunyani township was under the escort of numerous motorbikes.

But to the disenchantment of the excited crowd, the former president, who they thought was there to kick-start his campaign for the NDC, simply asked them to hold their leaders accountable in their pledge to fight the canker of corruption.

He emphasized the need for the country to organise yet another free and fair elections to avoid any possible rejection of the results.

“We should not allow any kind of provocation among us that can lead to violence…Let us make sure the election would be free and fair so that the elections would be accepted…when we corrupt the electoral process, it can lead to massive instability,” he cautioned.