NDC must come clean on its free laptop distribution – AFAG

NDC must come clean on its free laptop distribution - AFAG

Davis Opoku Ansah

The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) is worried about what it described as the factual inaccuracies in government’s claim that it has distributed 100,000 laptops to students across the country under the “Better Ghana Agenda Laptop Programme.

According to the group, the names put out by the ruling party as beneficiaries of the laptops are not affiliated to the said schools in the publication.

AFAG is therefore calling on ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) to set the records straight.

Below is the statement by AFAG

The Alliance for Accountable Governance just like many Ghanaians is worried about the lies and factual inaccuracies concerning the developmental record of the ruling National Democratic Congress administration over the period 2009 to 2012.

The latest in the series has been the claim by the Ministry of Science and Technology that it has distributed 100,000 laptops to students across the country under the “Better Ghana Agenda Laptop Programme” and also 60,000 laptops to basic schools under the “Basic School computerization programme.”

The list as put out by the NDC government claims to have supplied a number of laptops to the Pentecost University, Zenith University College and the Sunyani College of Education.

However, the management of the Pentecost University College has categorically denied the publication by the NDC government to the effect that its students (present or past) are beneficiaries of the Government of Ghana’s “Better Ghana Laptop” programme.

The Public Relations Officer of the school Mr. Emmanuel Kyei admitted that the university was shocked after the data available proved that none of the listed beneficiaries were/are students of the university since commencement in 2004.

Also a number of students from the Zenith University College who are said to have received laptops under this project have been proven to be untrue.

The list also contains the name of one “Magdalene Addy”, a female, who is currently enrolled as a student of the Presbyterian Boys Senior High School, Legon.

Shockingly, on the list is the “Sunyani College of Education” which is also said to have benefited from the distribution of the free laptops. This school simply does not exist and it is an indictment on the NDC and another piece of evidence about the lies they have told Ghanaians over the last four years of their administration.

Thus far, the NDC government and the corporate affairs manager of rLg communications have been able to tell Ghanaians what the unit cost of these laptops are. Ghanaians demand accountability from the NDC and they must come clean on this.

Ghanaians would like to know where the laptops that have been distributed went to and who are the beneficiaries of these laptops since they said beneficiaries have denied knowledge of acquiring these laptops for their students.

Every said “unprecedented achievement” of the government since it assumed the reins of office have been proved to be either lies of factually inaccurate.

The NDC’s claim of having provided 1,700 schools under trees has proved to be nothing but lies. The Presbyterian Church of Ghana has shown beyond all reasonable doubt that their schools were never under trees, yet still the government listed their schools as being part of the schools under trees that has been eliminated.

Deputy Minister of Information, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa promised to release a list of all the schools they had eliminated on a weekly basis. Apart from the initial list of discredited 600 schools, government has been unable to come with the remaining 1,100 schools eliminated.

Similarly, the NDC’s claim of having provided 160 million exercise books to the 4.8 million children at the basic level has proved to be false by the NDC’s own admission.

At the President’s evening encounter organized by the Institute of Economic Affairs, John Mahama stated that “We have also distributed 43 million exercise books.”

However, page 15 of the NDC 2012 manifesto states that “over 40 million exercise books per year have been distributed to about 4.8 million pupils in Basic Schools nationwide as part of our commitment to investing in our people.” This claim by the NDC implies that they had distributed 160 million exercise books to school children across the country.

Ghanaians deserve better and have had enough of the lies and propaganda. Ghanaians deserve the truth.

Thank you.