Latest revelation by the Great Nana Azimbe

Tabloid News of Thursday, 22 November 2012

Source: Al-Hajj

God ‘Rejects’ Nana Addo
-John Mahama Will Win December Polls

The flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo would have to pray to God to reveal to him what he is destined; as his second attempt at the presidency will amount to nothing, but another excruciating defeat in the upcoming election

This is according to Great Nana Azimbe, a great Psychic Master and Spiritual guru who claims God has revealed to him that the person with the name ‘John’ will win the upcoming election.

According to the Kasoa-old burrier based spiritualist, those who belong to the Christian fraternity would understand and appreciate the fact that God has destined ‘Johns’ to rule Ghana and after President John Mahama’s tenure of office, the world will come to an end.
Speaking exclusively to The Al-Hajj in a telephone interview, he stated that John the Baptist, which represents former President Jerry Rawlings, was sent to prepare the way and successfully lay the foundation for the coming of the liberator and the Messiah in the fourth republic.
“After the successful completion of the preparatory work by J J Rawlings, God choose former President John Agyekum Kufuor, to successfully liberate Ghana from all the dungeons of the devil; be it poverty, sickness, disease, frustrations, misfortunes, you name them.” he added
The spiritual father was emphatic in stating that “a spiritual change happened in Ghana in 2008. That change is still in progress. God used late President Mills to start that process. But President John Mahama will complete that which Mills started. God’s supernatural hand is in it. God picked Mills and used him to prepare John Mahama.”
According to him President John Mahama will manage the affairs of the country for eight years and will be the last tenure of the ‘Johns’.
He added that the first John- Jerry John Rawlings’ solid foundation worked to liberate the country and cannot be understated, adding that after his tenure of office, God had to send another John in the person of John Agyekum Kufour.
“Out of love for the nation and commitment to the destiny of the country, God sent a third John in the person of John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills. As destiny will have it and in God’s own unsearchable wisdom, the work of the third John was curtailed. Fully aware of the uncompleted preparatory work of the third John, God immediately designated a fourth John to complete the works of the Johns.” Nana Azimbe affirmed
He added that God has plans for the NPP leader but not as President, “he should go to God in prayer and God will reveal it to him. The presidency as we speak is for the Johns, the current president is the last John. Nana Akufo Addo is not among those destined to govern this country.”
According to him God has revealed that many will rise up against the President but they will not prevail, if he will follow Him in righteousness and that, whoever will attack him will surrender to him in the end, adding that the ruling party should remain focused, united and faithful to their divine calling.
“The political dispensation Ghana finds itself in, it is the ruling party that God has given the Grace to rule” he stressed
In the spiritual realm he added that “The manifestation of John Mahama is now, and he will establish a divine agenda for Ghana. For God’s favor is upon him,” if he honors him, He will honor him and Ghana shall experience God’s blessings” the spiritualist reveled