Don’t blame Ayariga for Nana Addo’s abysmal performance – Kwakye-Ofosu

Don’t blame Ayariga for Nana Addo’s abysmal performance - Kwakye-Ofosu

Felix Kwakye Ofosu

A member of the ruling NDC’s Communications Team, Felix Kwakye Ofosu is asking the NPP not to blame the abysmal performance put up by its flagbearer at the just ended IEA presidential debate on the flagbearer of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Hassan Ayariga.

According to Felix Kwakye Ofosu, the NPP should cease their unwarranted attacks on the PNC’s flagbearer’s personality since he did no wrong at the IEA debate.

The opposition NPP is accusing Mr. Hassan Ayariga for being hired by the NDC to distract its flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo at the debate.

To the NPP, Mr. Ayariga coughs only when its flagbearer is making his submission thereby accusing him of faking coughs to distract the attention of Nana Addo.

Mr. Hassan Ayariga had earlier on indicated he was pulling out of the debate due to malaria but he had to make a u-turn after some consultations.

Speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii-Sen on Thursday, Felix Kwakye-Ofosu noted that the NPP cannot hide the shame from the abysmal performance of its flagbearer that is why they are pointing accusing fingers at Hassan Ayariga.

“We all watched the debate and saw how President Mahama excelled and Nana goofed so they want some flimsy excuse to cover it up. The NPP is simply ashamed of the performance of it flagbearer so they are pointing the gun on Ayariga. They have to stop because Ghanaians know who performed abysmally. The NPP must stop these unwarranted attacks and deal with how to get votes for its abysmal performer flagbearer”.

He quibbled whether the NPP do not know that the debaters can question the character or behavior of their co-debaters before lashing out at Ayariga for exposing its flagbearer.

“Where does it state that when one is debating it cannot question the character or actions of the others? Who says so that if one has a bad public record the other cannot make it public? Is it Ayariga who told Nana Addo to declare all-die-be-die, ‘yen Akanfour’ among others? Is it Ayariga who asked Nana Addo to be working with drug addicts or is it Ayariga who told Ken Agyapong to tell people from other tribes to attack the other. They should spare us those effusions and solve the character deficiency of its flagbearer. It was a debate, not a monologue”.

“When Nana Addo was lying at the Tamale debate and calling President Mahama corrupt, who were his paymasters? Or who influenced him to describe the late President Mills as ‘Professor do little’. The NPP has just nothing to say. If Nana Addo was able to call President Mahama names at the Tamale debate, then Hassan Ayariga has equal right to refer Nana Addo to his ‘all-die-be-die’ statement. He is also a Ghanaian. It is legitimate for him to attack an opposition where necessary without always attacking a sitting government” he bellowed.

The convener for pressure group Research and Advocacy Pplatform (RAP) stressed that Ayariga was spot on in exposing Nana Addo’s duplicity at the debate because a leader who wants to hide everything from its citizens cannot be countenanced on at all “so I commend him for the candor”. “Nana Addo cannot be trusted at all because common issues of his CV, he is hiding it from Ghanaians. I thank Ayariga for exposing him”.

“For a party that has seen clearly that it has lost a debate I think the most important thing is to look at how to re-strategize than coming out to heap insults arrogantly at Hassan Ayariga who was being truthful with the facts. The NPP will definitely lose the elections because they are arrogant”, he said.