Accra Mall Gives Out Car

Nana Kwesi Acheampong receives keys to the Geely Em-grand from Mr Michael Oduro-Kunadu.

The management of Accra Mall has presented a saloon car valued at $22,000 to a customer as part of its fifth anniversary celebration.

Nana Kwesi Acheampong, a 23-year-old National Service Personnel at the University of Cape Coast, expressed his elation when he received keys to the Geely Em-grand.

The management of Accra Mall Limited, the largest world-class shopping center in Ghana, as part of its fifth anniversary, decided to present prizes to customers.

In line with plans to reward customers, two mascots named Mac and Carlla interacted with shoppers and randomly distributed gift items as well as vouchers to shoppers.

Mr Acheampong said, “I received a hamper as a gift for shopping and when I opened it I found a T-shirt and other items and there was an envelop in the T-shirt which said I had won a car.”

The car, which was displayed at the forecourt of the mall, was the ultimate prize for the luckiest shopper.

“Initially I had doubts as to whether Accra Mall will give me a car just like that. I have always doubted such promotions,” said an elated Mr Acheampong, who was flanked by his mother and two brothers.

Michael Oduro-Kunadu, Marketing Officer of Accra Mall, stated that the presentation climaxed the celebrations.

In all, flat screen televisions and other electronic items valued at GH¢82,550 were presented to a number of patrons of the leading shopping centre in Ghana.

 From Business Desk