Who Impregnated Mzbel?

Ghanaians are beginning to ask questions about the person responsible for controversial musician Mzbel’s pregnancy after it became clear that she was indeed pregnant.

When news broke that the musician was pregnant, she denied it vehemently but from all indications, the singer is very pregnant, although the question of who impregnated her is still unanswered.

Several news reports said a certain Maxwell Mensah was responsible for Mzbel’s pregnancy and that Maxwell was believed to be her manager.

Though not proven beyond doubt, the same Maxwell is also reported to be dating actress Nana Ama McBrown.

Although Mzbel is not under any obligation to tell the whole world who impregnated her, her silence is heightening speculations on who might be responsible.

Already, she has a handsome son in his early teens.

Perhaps, after delivery, the child’s father would not be hidden from the public any more.