Sekou Blames Siblings For Son’s Death

The son of Ghana’s first President, Dr Sekou Nkrumah is blaming his siblings, Samia Nkrumah and Gamal Nkrumah for the death of his 27 year old son, Alin Nkrumah.

Alin Nkrumah passed away on Monday after a short illness and Dr. Nkrumah, who admitted he had a strained relationship with his son, claimed his son would not have died if Samia Nkrumah and the UK branch of the CPP had not connived to bring him to Ghana without his consent.

“He was living in Europe and they suggested that he comes to Ghana. I think he had communicated to them but knowing he was raised in Europe and Ghana would practically be a new environment to him. I knew that it wouldn’t have been easy for him to cope here because he didn’t grow up here…the last time he was in Ghana was when he was five years old when I returned with his mother,” he explained.

Dr. Nkrumah admitted there had been “bitterness in the relationship [with his son] because he [Alin] never understood why I didn’t play a role in his life but it was beyond my control and I tried to fix it a lot of times but it had kind of strained the relationship… unfortunately I washed my hands and he was with my sister.”

“But my reservations with my brother and sister is that I think he would have been better off being in Europe because he had left Romania and gone to the UK and I think it would have been good for him to stay there and find himself there and find his feet in life,” he added.