Sachet Water Producers lead the fight against plastic waste

Sachet Water Producers lead the fight against plastic waste

Mr Berfi(left), explaining a point to the media whilst Samuel Sarpong (left) looks on

Sachet water producers in Kumasi are leading a crusade to rid the city of plastic waste.

They are teaming up with the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly to sanction people who litter the streets with, especially, plastic waste.

Chairman of the Ashanti regional branch of the Sachet Water Producers Association, Frederick Berfi who spoke to Nhyira Fm at the out-dooring of a special task force on the initiative is hopeful the program would be sustained.

He says sanitation offenders who fail to drop plastics in provided bins will be prosecuted when they are caught.

Under the National Waste Management Programme, residents are required to strictly abide by Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly’s by-laws which prohibit littering.

Sachet water producers and all other people whose businesses generate plastic waste will contribute by purchasing stickers provided by the city authority.

“We are taking the initiative because of the mess that we create”, Mr. Berfi explained.

Mr. Berfi says it has become necessary for the association to spearhead the campaign because they themselves contribute to the littering of the environment.

He is hopeful unlike similar previous initiatives, the programme will be sustained.

“You see in the previous one where certain programmes were imposed on the people, this is different. We are starting with massive education drive for the start”, he said.

Metro Chief Executive, Samuel Sarpong commended the group for the initiative.
He encouraged all sachet water producers to join the association or risk losing their operational licenses.

He warned residents against using bins provided by the association as places to keep human excreta.