Nabdam Youth Reject Asaga

One of the sign posts in suburbs of Logre

The Concerned Youth for Development in the Logre community of the Nabdam constituency says the people of the area are fed up with 12 years of empty promises by their Member of Parliament (MP), Moses Asaga.

According to the youth group, Mr. Asaga keeps repeating the promises he fails to fulfill every election.

The residents said every election year, the MP promises the people of Logre a dam and road to link the community to surrounding areas and to expand Logre Junior High School to accommodate more children.
Against this background, the Logre Concerned Youth for Development held a press conference to tell the world how the MP had disappointed them for 12 years.

They stated that if the MP fails to take steps towards fulfilling his promises ahead of the December polls, they would advise themselves accordingly.

A statement read by Jonas Bugri on behalf of the youth group said many livestock had perished in the community as a result of inadequate water supply.

According to Mr. Bugri, the Logre community has a total voter population of about 1,500 and would only support a political party or parliamentary candidate who would commit him or herself to providing at least one of the projects promised by Asaga.

He noted that the Logre community has vast low-lying lands suitable for farming all year round, adding that this has been impossible due to the MP’s inability to provide a dam for the area.

He said it took residents of the community including teachers working in the area to contribute money to complete two classrooms for Logre Junior High School to make room for the first year students.

Some concerned teachers also provided money for roofing sheets and wood. Afrikids, an NGO offered financial support to help fix the floor, windows and doors for the completed classrooms which were being occupied by 72 children.
“For the past four years, electricity poles have been planted but no lights, why? We have made several calls to the Member of Parliament but all have not been heeded. We express our sincere gratitude to Afrikids and World Vision for giving us potable water while our girls and boys have been encouraged to go to school..,” the group said.

 From: Ebo Bruce-Quansah, Logre