Le Maxque & The Yayra Band To Perform In The UK & The US In Aid Of Breast Cancer

Traditional and cultural music has come a long way to uphold the traditional values of every clan in high esteem. This will forever give this genre of music an indelible power for fueling live into traditions and culture status.

In musicology, it is said that by listening to the music from a clan, one can tell which life style, worries, success, failure, achievements and other life embedded matters that beholds that clan. So it can also be believed that the genre of music a person listens to will determine which lifestyle and believes his life will follow.

On the music scene today, there are numerous genre ranging from jazz to the newest call ‘metal’. There is nothing wrong with these genres because they are only ‘a kind of revolution ‘in the journey of genres
since the birth of music. However, no matter what genre come and go, traditional and cultural music will always remain the life line to every society if they really want to keep their traditions and cultural values alive.

Number of bands on the scene is doing their best to keep the life in specific traditions and cultures in Ghana by making sure their rhythms and beats are always on the market for the society to listen to.

One such band is Le Maxque & the Yayra Band. Made up 25 young energetic young men and women, the band has worn an enviable reputation and respect through their colorful unique performance that
showcases rich traditions and cultures from the Volta region of Ghana. Before Le Maxque & The Yayra Band surface in Ghana, the traditional ayigbe aygbaja rhythms was hard to find on the market.

The band’s innovations in its agbaja rhythms has created a unique repertoire and singled them among the lots to really proof that good music is good music irrespective of the dialect used to sing it.

Their current hit ‘Elavanyo’ is a real master piece and it has won them international recognition for which they are to perform in the United Kingdom in November & December 2012.There is no doubt that the band will make Ghana proud through their performance.

The leader of the group Le Maxque who doubles up as The ambassador for Breast & Cervical Cancer Campaign in Ghana has promised to donate whatever he makes from this performance to the National Breast & Cervical Cancer Fund to support the campaign.

Le Maxque & The Yayra Band is also expected to perform again in Florida, USA, next February for the same purpose. Congrates, Le Maxque & The Yayra Band.