Promzy shows off tattoos at 4syte Music Video Awards

VIP member Promzy is known for showing his sexy tattoos whenever he mounts a stage.

Last Saturday night, he was it again at the 4th 4syte Music Video Awards.

Yesterday, the rapper posted photos of himself after his group’s enthralling performance at the award ceremony on social network, Facebook.

In the snapshot, he was shirtless, showing off his sexy tattoos and body.

Promzy is one icon in Ghana’s music industry whose whole body is almost covered with tattoos.

On various stages across Africa and beyond over the years, he never hesitates to show off his tattoos and buff body.

Most often, he comes on stage with outfits that expose the tattoos.
But what are the meanings of his numerous tattoos?

Close sources to the musician once told NEWS-ONE that Promzy always avoided talking about his tattoos.

“But he said the one on his left arm was for his family.  The right is for the streets. His body is for the entire Ghana. He loves tattoos I think,” a source said.