Gasmilla shares his joy & pain in “Kudi Sheege”

When you are coming up in life, some people will support you and others will discourage you.

That has been the storyline of so many talented acts in the music scene across Africa. Gasmilla has been on the two sides of the coin and thus, can tell the real picture of how it feels to be discouraged and supported.

Gasmilla’s new single titled “Kudi Sheege” which means “Crazy Money” in Hausa is a song in which he thanks the people who supported him and sends a message to those who left him when he needed them most to back off.

The King of Azonto who has had major commercial successes with his hit single Aboodatoi and recognition on major platforms such as the BBC and the world’s second biggest carnival at Notting Hill just to mention a few, seems to be tired of people spreading rumors that success has changed him or that he has deserted the people who helped him to get to where he is.

He also goes ahead to give props to his mum who was his rock until she passed away over a year ago. At the very end of the song he makes a pronouncement to motivate anyone and everyone who has dreams or aspirations. This song shows that Gasmilla can rap and isn’t a one hit wonder boy.

Kudos also goes to Dampoo who brilliantly did the hook and Magnom who produced the beat. Together they’ve produced something truly sensational and inspirational that will motivate many others for years to come.