It Is A Norm To Tell Lies In The NPP– Lee Ocran

The Minister of Education, Ambassador Lee Ocran, has vehemently denounced ever saying in a press conference that Ghana can only achieve the free SHS feat in twenty years. Mr. Ocran challenged the hype team of the NPP to produce and shame him if they still have the tape which captures him saying that free SHS could only be implemented in twenty years time.

“They concocted that thing and to use it to deceive the general public. I have challenged them to bring the tape…Somebody might have recorded that because after all, GBC was there…they played the whole tape and I said nothing like that…Graphic was there and they extensively reported what I said”, he acknowledged.

He confessed that he feels so sad when he drives around town and see inscriptions such as “Ghana cannot wait twenty years of free SHS” on NPP bill boards which the party has forcibly linked him to. He categorical stated that the NPP was trying to make political capital out of something he has never said and make him look like he is an educational minister, who cared less for the deprived.

Mr. Ocran appealed to the general public to consider the ad as a figment of the NPP’s own imagination and consider the party as a body made up of “funny guys and liars”.

The former High Commissioner to South Africa alleged on Radio Gold that it is the NPP’s stock in trade to tell “lies” and not the truth.Mr. Ocran added that it was a norm to tell lies when one belonged to the party.

“Recently they said I have gone to buy a luxury car for $24,000 and I ask myself is it a MASLOC car? The people (NPP) can lie…forget about them”, he noted.