I will be surprised if Christians vote for NDC – Sammy Awuku

I will be surprised if Christians vote for NDC – Sammy Awuku

A deputy communications director of the NPP, Sammy Awuku says the behavior of the governing NDC towards the church does not deserve the votes of the Christian community.

He indicated on Joy FM’s Top Storythat he would be scandalized should the Christendom, upon all the seeming opposition shown towards them by the NDC, cast their votes for the government.

The opposition NPP has been accused of being behind a grand plot to pitch the ruling NDC against the church as anti Christian and anti-God. That was the position of the NDC group, the Committee for Setting the Record Straight, composed of a number of government ministers and party activists chaired by Dr. Tony Aido, Head of Policy Monitoring and Evaluation at the Presidency raised.

The group addressed a news conference in Accra where they accused the NPP, among other issues, of manipulating negative sentiments of various institutions including the church against the ruling party.

But NPP’s Sammy Awuku insisted his party cannot be blamed for any indiscretion on the part of the ruling NDC.

He cited a number of denominations including the Catholic Church, International Central Gospel Church, Presbyterian Church, and Resurrection Power and Living Bread Ministries whose heads’integrity, Mr Owuku claimed, have been attacked by NDC functionaries.

“It is not our fault that today, the religious leaders are up in arms and have spoken their minds and are also protesting the NDC’s conduct and behavior so far as this year’s election is concerned… And I will be surprised that with these churches I have listed, if see people voting for the NDC in this year’s election, I will be surprised.”

But Felix Kwakye Ofosu, a member of the NDC communications team, rebutted Mr Awuku’s position on the Christian community, and called on the NPP “to come out of this pathetic politics” of roping in the entire party for comments made by a member.

He said for calling on Christians to vote against the NDC “I don’t believe that Sammy Awuku shows that he has respect for the Christian community when he makes such statement. He creates the impression that the Christian community do not have a mind of their own. And that they simply go and vote for one party or the other simply because a member of the party has had a disagreement with a particular member of the Christian community.”