The Victory Of The NDC Is Coming Like "Tsunami" – Sinare

Ghana’s Ambassador to Egypt Alhaji Said Sinare has stated that the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) will win all Zongo votes in the upcoming December 7th General elections.

According to him the pro NDC group Zongo for Mahama (ZFM) is working around the clock to ensure the Presidential candidate of the NDC, President John Dramani sweeps all votes in the over two hundred and thirty three Zongo communities in the country.

The executive member of ZFM Alhaji Sinare told Radio Gold in an interview that the NDC has remained faithful to addressing the needs of Muslims and for that reason the Zongo communities will not disappoint the party on December 7th.

The Vice Chairman of the NDC said ‘’ZFM are poised and dedicated towards winning 99.5% of total votes in the Zongo communities in the December 7thelections.

We will win all zongo votes because as a party we have worked hard to address the needs and concerns of the Muslim communities and also treated them with respect and dignity.’’

He cited the granting of two holidays to Muslims in the celebration of Eid –ftr and Eid Adha as significant contribution towards recognizing the importance of Islam and the respect to religion in the country.

He said quite apart from the two holidays the NDC government had made the organization of Hajj attractive and increased the number of pilgrims including other policies and programs aimed at lifting Muslims from where they currently occupy to where they belong.

He paid tribute to the hardworking founder of ZFM Alhaji Sofo Jaja and his sterling leadership skills in helping realize the ‘’ONE TOUCH’’ dream.

The Vice Chairman of the NDC Said Sinare urged residents of the three Northern regions and Muslim and non Muslims alike to repose their trust in the NDC and John Dramani Mahama to advance the better Ghana agenda.

‘’The NDC is the only party that fully understands us Muslims and for that matter we will not disappoint President Mahama and the NDC in the upcoming elections’’ He said.

He described as baseless the call by the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the Convention People’s Party (CPP)’s on president Mahama to apologize for what they termed as tribal comments as baseless and unnecessary. He urged the NPP and its apparatchiks to advice their vice presidential candidate to stop the ethnocentric politics to the effect that the president was not a Muslim.

‘’No amount of negative propaganda and lies will deter and distract the NDC from winning a landslide victory. We are focused and I can see the victory of the NDC coming like a Tsunami’’ He stated.