Nana Akomea: Is Tony Aidoo Performing Evaluation At The Presidency Or Doing Scrap Business?

Member of Parliament for Okaikwei South, Nana Akomea has chastised Dr. Tony Aidoo for putting up a holier than thou attitude in the public eye and dinning with the devil in the dark. He cited Dr. Aidoo of having the penchant to criminalize and vilify his political opponents even if they haven’t done wrong.

Nana Akomea wondered whether the former university lecturer was monitoring and evaluating policies as demanded of him or monitoring and investing in scrap business which has to do with presidential cars which were not in good condition. His criticism were borne out of the controversies surrounding the purchase of a Ford Expedition with presidential specs, Dr. Aidoo bought for a paltry GHC 6,200.

“Today, he as a senior official at the presidency is buying a car from the Office of the President and when you ask him, he says “oh, it was an auction”. Innocent Tony Aidoo, he says it was on auction and he had to buy it…and he says the car didn’t have a gear box, the windscreen was melting and the air condition wasn’t working. Tony Aidoo, is he a scrap dealer? Is Tony Aidoo a scrap dealer?”he asked.

In a recent interview with Kwami Sefa Kayi on Peace FM’s morning show ‘Kokrokoo’, the Director in Charge of Policy Monitoring and Evaluation at the Presidency pointed out that though the said vehicle was in “a very bad condition,” its state was not that “hopeless” and therefore he couldn’t be held liable for buying a car which was auctioned publicly.

“I am not the one who took the decision to scrap the car…and ordered its public auction. I am not the one who valued the car and set the price on it…. So where arises the conflict of interest?” Dr. Aidoo asked on Peace FM.

Responding directly to Dr. Aidoo on Joy FM, Nana Akomea stated that it was wrong on the part of Dr. Aidoo to buy a presidential spec car at the amount he doled out. He accused him of playing double standards when it is on record that he has tongue lashed members of NPP who have followed due process and bought government cars which have exceeded its required age.

Nana Akomea went further to reveal a “rabid” adventure Dr. Aidoo had embarked on, to retrieve a car from Mr. Kwabena Agyapong’s when the NDC assumed office.

“When other people also followed the policy, he went to their homes to take photographs of the cars…he said they were looters. If you are going to complain about the policy and make political capital out of it…common decency and basic governance principles would say that you have to amend them and not to turn round and take advantage of the same policies you have complained about”, Nana Akomea warned.