ABL Unveils Stone Strong Lager

Business News of Saturday, 17 November 2012

Source: Joy Online

Accra Brewery Limited (ABL) has re-introduced one of its flagship brands, Stone Strong Lager with a new look at an impressive ceremony at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra.

The company also used the occasion to re-launch the mini size of the global award-winning beer in a 375ml bottle.

It said both the new label and mini bottle version were inspired by its firm commitment to be constantly innovative and the need to satisfy the evolving expectations of Stone Strong Lager consumers.

“Stone Strong Lager was brewed with the finest variety of spring barley, malt and high quality hops, and it is specially made for urban males celebrating their achievements and inner strength,” the company said.

Managing Director of ABL, Gregory Metcalf, who launched the two beverages, noted that “The new label bears a bold metallic gold look to portray the sterling quality of the brand with the iconic “S” representing the seal of quality.”

Stone Strong Lager has won the International Monde Selection Gold Medal for two consecutive year; 2011 and 2012, and the newly designed label came with the medal printed at the bottom of the front label.

Metcalf said the medal is represented at the bottom of the front label “so we can proudly embed our quality ethic in the brand iconography”. He added that, “the label maintains its unique red rays which blend well with the rest of the visuals to give it a bold new look.”

Marketing Director of Accra Brewery Limited, Michael Olsen said: “ABL will continue to respond to the demands of the market through our exceptional creativity and innovativeness.”

He said the beer offers consumers more taste and satisfaction, and it remains a refreshing beer with a rich golden colour, adding that the brand has established itself as a global award winner in recognition of its consistency in taste and superior quality.

Stone Strong Lager is the first Ghanaian beer to have won a Monde Quality Award; a definite endorsement by the world’s most prestigious quality award institute.

Olsten said Stone Strong Lager is still available in the large bottle and with the re-introduction of the mini bottle, consumers now have the option to enjoy the beer with the new bold look in their preferred bottle size from their favourite bars and outlets because they have earned it.

Accra Brewery Limited first introduced Stone Strong Lager to the Ghanaian market in 2006 in both the big bottle (625 ml) and mini bottle (375 ml). The mini bottle has however been off the market for the past year. The re-launch comes at a time of increasing demand by consumers for the re-introduction of the mini bottle, which will now be sold at a recommended retail price of two Ghana Cedis (GH¢2) per bottle.