CPP demands Mahama apology over tribal comments

CPP demands Mahama apology over tribal comments

President John Mahama

The Convention People’s Party is demanding an unqualified apology from President John Mahama for his alleged tribal comments he has made.

The Vice Presidential candidate of the party Sherita Akosua Sarpong was unequivocal in her criticisms of the president, insisting such divisive comments should not come from the president.

John Mahama is alleged to have asked northerners to vote him because he is one of them.

He was alleged to have told Northerners during his tour of the region that it was time for a northerner to become a president.

The CPP insists the president’s comments were in bad taste.

“If I got up to say every woman should vote or every Ashanti should vote for me because I am an Akan. Why should we be doing that? What about the Ewes. What about the Ga-Adangmes and all that.

“Any statement that seems to identify a political leader with a tribal group as having to vote for you based on that group should not come from any leader that wants peace in this country, simple fact and that should not be acceptable by the good people of Ghana.

“I think we need an apology from the president,” adding that statement could incite others who want his seat to go along the same tangent.

But the Communications Minister Haruna Iddrisu said the President has nothing to apologise for.

“Apologise for what? President Mahama has stated publicly that he will president for all Ghanaians. He is appealing to the entire Ghanaian populace to support him on the basis of good governance to advance the better Ghana agenda of President Mills. Nowhere has President Mahama capitalized or used his tribe or ethnicity as basis to woo votes,” he stated.

He said Mahama traced his root when he visited the north but he did not use that as basis to ask for votes.