Tony Aidoo ‘loots’ state car, land

General News of Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Source: Daily Searchlight Newspaper

Tony Aidoo Black

Nearly four years ago, Dr. Tony Aidoo, the head of Monitoring and Evaluation at the seat of government, was one of the most vociferous voices attacking former government officials for daring to buy state cars and lands.

Four years later, he is at the very centre of a scandal of car-buying and state land grabbing, the Daily Searchlight is reliably informed.

This newspaper has seen documents showing how Dr. Tony Aidoo managed to get the Lands Commission in Accra to offer for his purchase Plot No. 486, East Legon Residential Area. (More details anon).

This newspaper has also seen letters and other documents between Dr. Tony Aidoo, the government and the DVLA detailing his virtual ‘stealing’ of a $40, 000.00 Ford Expedition Luxury four-wheel drive vehicle in the presidential pool for an amount averaging a misery GHC6000.00 for a vehicle whose price tag is pushing towards GHC80, 000.00, a real ‘stealing’ if ever there is one.

Dr. Tony Aidoo is on record as one of the most rabid and vociferous critics of attempts by officials of the former NPP administration to acquire state lands and cars, and on numerous occasions, described such officials as thieves.

He was particularly virulent against Jake Obetsei-Lamptey, the National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), describing him as a thief for daring to buy a piece of land belonging to the state located in Accra and a car at rock-bottom prices, would come as a shock to many Ghanaians.

Dr. Tony Aidoo yesterday told Daily Searchlight that the piece of land was bought by his daughter and not himself.

He also told this newspaper that he bought the car out of the presidential fleet because it had been abandoned at a private workshop.

Asked whether it was not true that he wrote requesting to buy the vehicle, he said no, and that it was rather offered to him.