Theft At Kotoka Int. Airport

Emmanuel Opoku, a supervisor at a Depot in the United Kingdom (UK), who arrived in the country on a visit, has reported that his luggage was tampered with on arrival at the Kotoka International Airport.

In an interview with Daily Guide, Mr. Opoku narrated that he arrived at the airport from the UK around 9:20 pm on Monday, November 5, 2012. After waiting for over an hour without getting his luggage, he became worried because that was a bit unusual.

As a result, he decided to go round and check if somebody had picked it from the conveyor belt but to his surprise he saw that his suitcase had been taken out of the belt and the zip and locks damaged.

Some items including four mobile phones, personal clothing, shoes, and children clothes among others had been stolen and the bag abandoned at the luggage area.

Mr. Opoku said when he went to report the issue to some workers, he found out that he was among six people whose bags had been tampered with. He said he informed the workers about his ordeal but they could do little about the issue and only stated that he should have put his important items in his hand luggage.

Mr. Opoku, who was not happy about what had happened, said the excuse was not good enough because the aviation needed to provide maximum security to protect people’s property since it was an international airport. “The luggage area looked chaotic. One could see people, especially those who have come to assist their family members, walking around the area without security officials checking them,” he added.

“It is very embarrassing but I am not reporting to the police or pursuing the matter because I have very little time to stay in Ghana.

“I just want to use this medium to bring this to the public attention and for the authorities to take measures in bringing sanity to the airport,” he indicated. Mr. Opoku said it was high time the aviation authority or security personnel in charge of the airport did something to about the issue.

“The airport is the gateway to the country so if people especially foreigners should be victims of such an incident what will be the image of Ghana for outsiders,” he quizzed.