“Majid Is Becoming Boring”-Pascaline Edwards

Ghanaian evergreen actress, Pascaline Edwards has said on Vision 90.9 FM’s entertainment analysis show, “Arts and People” that colleague actor Majid Michel’s is becoming repetitive in his movies of late and that is making him look boring.

According to the sultry actress, roles played by Majid of late look similar, if you have observed Majid of late; you would see that his roles in a couple of movies are becoming one way. He is one of the best actors of our time, but I think the problem is that he doesn’t have time to refresh his mind for the scripts he receives,” she said.

In the said interview with host Kwame Dadzie, she said sometimes it si dangerous when you start getting more movie deals.

“The bad side of it is that when you get too many roles, you don’t get time to go through thte scripts so you can bring out your best. You end up repeating certain things you did in other movies. You need time to refresh the mind” she said.

When asked what makes a good movie, she said the issue of what is a good movie or not is very subjective and depends on what the individual wants. Contrary to the view by a section of people that moves in the local languages are of low quality, Pascaline begged to differ.

She rather believed that those movies have the best and original stories. She said she has acted in a couple of the so called Kumawood movies and has seen that they are not doing badly as some say.