Video: Laff it out with BastketMouth @ Miss Ghana2012

Television of Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Source: Adeyemi Adebayo Victor-GhanaWeb

Megaphone Story

A very simple question deserves a very simple answer, thus, to the ladies, “what will you do to your husband when there are loads of beautiful ladies around?” That was a question for Bright Okpocha popularly called BasketMouth.

A lady in the audience answered saying, “I will engage my husband in a conversation”, with cheers and unstoppable applauds from the audience which somehow signified their approval (anyway from the feminine point of view).

More also, if you never knew that ladies always have their ways out of situations even when they are at fault, then let the ace comedian tickle you a bit.

BasketMouth is radically a rib cracker, click on the video and hear the King of Comedy express himself on the night when Carranzer Naa Okailey Shooter became the new Miss Ghana 2012.