The ‘Becca’ story: Our gods must be crazy!

Entertainment of Monday, 12 November 2012

Source: Adeyemi Adebayo Victor-GhanaWeb

Becca Engaged Resized

Welcome back from an exciting weekend of so many happenings which in all ramification have unified, solidified and as well broken so many hearts, and if pushed further, it may soil so many hard earn efforts.

I am not going to hide my mouth on this issue which I call ‘embarrassment’ from all parties (Mr. Acheampong, Becca, Kiki Banson and Halifax) involved.

You may say that I am alariwo (noise maker) but let’s face it point blank that in all these selfish interests, there is a ‘brand’ at stake here.

These few days have dug revelations; it has bred questions that I find silly and unconvincing from all characters in the concocted ‘script’ of the year. Without fear or favor, I will call names and whoever feels that he or she is pinched, should sit up, rethink and be matured, thus, learn not to trust the walls. This particular ‘Becca’ saga is a repetition of the issues that do happen all over the world and Ghana is no exception.

After interacting with all the parties involved in this, I will not hide my feelings that I am utterly sad at the lefu rete, rete lefu (left right, right left) whole situation. So what more do we want to hear, see or feel after the whole world saw the melting pot bring out smoke?

Let us not forget that he, who comes into equity, must always come with clean hands, thus, I have certain notions that keeps bugging me:

Mr. Acheampong broke his silence, Becca break yours. Haba!

Mr. Acheampong, the father of Becca has come out to state his displeasure through the media on his daughter’s connectivity with a man he now detest though they (Mr. Acheampong & Kiki Banson) were like bread & butter, that over his dead body will he see them marry. He has every right over his daughter, but even when “stories are been ‘cooked’ up” just as Kiki Banson puts it, the father has his right.

Though there is more to this because I know that after the twist and turn on Saturday on Peace FM in Accra, Mr. Acheampong reportedly invited some couple of journalists over to his house, well for what? I don’t know, but what I know is that the group of media guys that visited Mr. Acheampong will feed the public with more information, which is important and brilliant because the public need to know what is ‘credible’.

If Mr. Kiki Banson and Becca have ‘something’ brewing whether hot or cold, is it an issue to be discussed on radio with vehement strength that would have been used in discussing issues that concern the industry we all claim we love? If a father doesn’t want the daughter to see a man he once took as a son, irrespective of what and how they were way back, that one is my ‘back case’, but is it worth washing their dirty linen in public?

Miss Rebecca Acheampong (Becca) should be bold -after all the ‘damage’ has been done- and come out and tell the world where her allegiance lies. A tall task if we may think but somebody has got to shut everyone up. Becca is the only person in this saga that can restore tranquility. Whether she is going to choose her father or her manager that is up to her.

From all this, I feel there is no breaking news.

Manager & Artiste tango…and so what?

If body dey touch body and they don’t want to make it anyone’s business, why then can’t the world just pretend that two adults are gamboling and they need privacy.

Kiki Banson and Becca have been working together for years and we cannot deny that their toddling has been successful but if anyone has any grammatically objection, then spill it, but I still feel that there is something that both of them aren’t really telling the world, but has it stop their success?

From all this, I feel there is no breaking news.

Loyalty & Disloyalty

In this family palava, a fresh name-Halifax surfaced and I am like ‘is it for real?’ So all we do behind the closet are unveiling itself, yet judgment day never come sef. We talk of corruption in the valleys, in the plains, on the plateau, on the mountain tops and even in the crevices of our leaking skulls. Where is our sanity?

Halifax is saying he met Kiki Banson about two or three years ago; Kiki Banson claims they met last year, 2011, so let’s do that arithmetic together, if Halifax met Kiki Banson sometime last year November before the ‘Girls Talk’ Concert, then where do we stand?

Kiki Banson has come out to tell me that though he had on tape (which I have listened to) that Halifax told him that a third party was involved in all these skim, yet he (Kiki) doesn’t believe any word that comes from him (Halifax). Yet I ask again that, where does all this lead us to because there is no breaking news?

The Ghanaian entertainment sector is becoming a funny zone and what shall it profit us all, if we turn the beautiful now growing entertainment industry into a chaotic ‘Kantanmato’ scene? What we say today is what we said yesterday, and what we are going to say tomorrow.

A particular ‘sex tape’ issue was mentioned in this entire saga and if I am right on all my analysis from those who I have spoken to, the story was out there in the media even before Kiki Banson met with Halifax as claimed by Kiki Banson.

From all this, I feel there is no breaking news.

Ghanaian Creative Arts Writers & Orchestrations

Some Creative Arts Writers in Ghana have and are ridiculing the profession. If a celebrity buys biscuit, puff-puff, chin-chin or whatever, it isn’t any of my business if another media person coins it in words that best sell his medium; likewise, I don’t have anything against those who collect money behind, underneath and on top, but be it to soil reputable brands that some people have used their sweat to build, then I guess something is wrong somewhere.

In fact, I read that the popular 3 Ghanaian Actresses on a tape sleeping with a Nigerian business tycoon story by a media house here in Ghana some years ago has no basis? In fact it was orchestrated by some industry persons.

Just as a fellow colleague, Chris, advises readers in his own words, “you know what, anytime you read that Yvonne Nelson, Yvonne Okoro, Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari, Becca or whoever has done this or that, remember it is a possibility that these stars have given the writing journalist some chicken change to orchestrate the story to their benefit or detriment of another star. It sucks big time! You are being played big time as a reader by some of these so called Ghanaian Entertainment journalists/bloggers/writers”.

To Chris, readers at large and myself, “he who comes into equity, must come with clean hands”.

I will want to close this chapter with what Obotunde Ijimere, a veteran journalist once said, “‘Money does not prevent a man from becoming a fool. Money does not prevent a man from becoming mad. The red feather is the pride of the parrot. The young leaf is the pride of the palm-tree. The sun is the pride of heaven: But wisdom – not money – is the pride of man!”

Please, it will be wrong for every one of us (Ghanaian Creative Arts Writers) to become those proverbial local dogs that eat any rubbish thrown at them.

My Conclusion

Someone has been murmuring, someone has been insinuating what he or she feels should or should not be, someone is being paid to make or break another person (s), but nobody wants to use his or her head to break coconut for others to eat, well that’s the way of the world in this twenty-first century.

From all this, I feel there is no breaking news. Albeit, let’s not forget that what we see every day as new problems are really not. They are, indeed, recycled headaches.