Some people are cooking up things against Otabil – Fred Deegbe

Some people are cooking up things against Otabil – Fred Deegbe

Rev Fred Degbe, Chairman of the Christian Council

The General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana has condemned a controversial tape recording in which the founder and leader of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Pastor Mensah Otabil is heard ridiculing the New Patriotic Party’s free SHS campaign promise.

Rev Fred Deegbe accused owners of the tape recording of cooking up things just to dent the hard warn reputation of the ICGC boss.

His observation comes shortly after Pastor Otabil in a strongly worded statement accused persons, he said were surrogates of the ruling party of piecing together separate messages he had preached in church, put a spin on them to expose him to public ridicule.

“The sound bites that have been played with my voice have been taken totally out of context. In some cases phrases from different messages I have preached over the years with no relationship to one another have been mischievously pieced together to create the impression that I was making a current contribution on the ongoing political debate,” the livid Pastor said.

Speaking on Election Headquarters on Joy FM, Monday, the Christian Council Secretary said that the council plays the prophetic role when it comes to issues of governance and human rights in the country, adding they only make interventions and “we do all these things without being partisan.”

Rev Fred Deegbe, who attended the press conference, said he was baffled by the tape recording but “knowing who he (Otabil) is and knowing how we all tried because of our role behind the scenes to stay above partisan politics I wouldn’t think that Pastor Mensah Otabil will come out categorically and say the thing he said in this heated atmosphere.”

According to him, he has reason to believe that “Somebody is cooking something” and “it is completely unfair.”

He observed that, the clergy and religious people “can make strong statements if they feel strongly about something,” they most often try to stay neutral to be able to be moderators.