Extending maternal leave is unreasonable – Labour consultant

Extending maternal leave is unreasonable – Labour consultant

Labour consultant Danso Acheampong says the Ghana Medical Association’s (GMA) recommendation that working mothers should be given more leave following the birth of a new child is not workable.

A communiqué signed by GMA President Dr. Kwabena Opoku-Adusei and General Secretary Dr. Frank Serebour called for a review of labour laws that would grant mothers six months of maternity leave. The document, produced at the end of the GMA’s 54th annual general conference in Cape Coast, also recommended the mandatory establishment of nurseries in all public and private institutions.

But Mr. Danso Acheampong, a former deputy chair at the Labour Commission, told Joy News that the proposal, which he called “seriously unreasonable,” would discourage employers from engaging the services of women.

He argued that after giving birth, women, especially single mothers, need to work to earn a decent living.

“How many employers are going to employ women?… it is not in the interest of women at all.”

Though he conceded the proposal would help children to grow healthy, he insisted that when the Labour Act was drafted, the issue of extending maternal leave beyond 12 weeks was raised but some women opposed the move, saying that it would not be in their interests.