Ejura Embraces Bawumia

Residents of the Ejura-Sekyeredumase constituency on Thursday accorded NPP’s vice Presidential candidate, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia a massive welcome which defied the expectations of many who described it as exceptional in the history of politics in the constituency and especially the NPP.

Dr. Bawumia took time to listen to the issues affecting the constituency which until now has remained a stronghold of the National Democratic Congress since the inception of the 4th Republic.

From one town to the other, the Chiefs and people informed Dr. Bawumia of serious challenges affecting their livelihoods ranging from poor roads, inadequate water and health facilities, high unemployment for the youth of the constituency and general hardships which have worsened in the last four years.

At Kyenkyenkura, one of the communities in the constituency known for voting massively and consistently for the NDC, the people expressed deep frustrations about how despite the fact that they had been loyal to the NDC, the NDC had failed to recognize their loyalty by attending to their problems.

“We now know that it would be impossible for us to gain any development if we continue voting for the NDC. They think that because we always vote for them, we would continue to do so and therefore there is no need to satisfy our needs. We travel to other towns and constituencies in the Ashanti region and we realize that though they also have some problems, they are much better developed than us with much better amenities. We have learnt the lesson in a very bitter way and this year, we would also change and seek the path of development”, Yusif Ahmed, an elder in the community stated.

Dr. Bawumia thanked the people for meeting him with open hands and demonstrating their acceptance of Nana Akufo-Addo and his message. He informed the people that the stalled development in the constituency was not peculiar and that all over Ghana, the last four years had seen a major retrogression in the quality of standard of living and a stalling of development despite the huge resources which had been accumulated by the ruling NDC since 2009.

Dr. Bawumia took the opportunity of his presence in Ejura to join fellow Muslims at the Ejura Central Mosque for the Friday Jummah Prayers and also paid a courtesy call on the Ejura Zongo chief.

The tour of the Ejura-Sekyedumase constituency was climaxed by a massive rally at Ejura attended by many thousands.
The NPP Vice-Presidential candidate addressing the thousands urged the electorate of Ejura to reject a party that was only concerned about winning their votes and never about solving their problems.

“My tour of the Ejura constituency today has revealed that though this constituency has kept faith with the NDC, the NDC has not kept faith with the people of Ejura. I have heard the numerous problems facing the constituency – your water, getting connected to the electricity grid, the poor roads and the general hardships prevailing. It is obvious that the NDC is not a party you can trust and that is why I am here to urge you to give your mandate to the NPP. Give us a chance to demonstrate that there is a difference.

Under the first NPP, you witnessed major social interventions like Captiation Grant, NHIS, NYEP, Metro Mass Transit, free maternal care etc. to which you benefitted. You saw us do some of the roads, build schools and health centres among others. We are asking you to give Nana Akufo-Addo the mandate so we can do even more. ”

The tour of the Ejura Sekyedumase constituency saw Dr. Bawumia touring communities such as Ayenasu, Sekyedumase, Ebuom, Ejura and Kyenkyenkura with the NPP Parliamentary candidate for the constituency Mohammed Bamba.