Sudan: Fresh Clashes Erupt in North Darfur

Wadi Murrah — Fresh clashes erupted this evening between the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) in Wadi Murrah, on the road between El-Fasher and Nyala, North Darfur, Radio Dabanga was informed on Friday, 9 November.

The clashes started after sunset, at around 5pm, when the rebels clashed with a large army convoy composed of 122 vehicles that was coming from Nyala, as stated by Adam Saleh, SLM-MM spokesman, from the battlefield.

Because the battle is still ongoing, the SRF was not yet able to calculating its exact damage, Saleh told Radio Dabanga. Also due to this reason, witnesses could not yet confirm to Radio Dabanga the occurrence of casualties, violations or kidnappings as a result of the clashes.

The spokesman said the fighting has currently spread to Tabit, Shangil Tobai and Hamra area.

Witnesses confirm clashes

Witnesses speaking to Radio Dabanga from Abu Zereiga confirmed the occurrence of clashes in the area, adding they could hear sounds of an airplane bombing Wadi Murrah this evening.

Locals also confirmed seeing an SAF convoy this morning moving from Tabit to East Jebel Marra.

According to witnesses, the SAF is “cleaning up” all villages in the areas around East Jebel Marra and in the northeast of Shangil Tobai.

They said the current affected villages are: Kola, Umm Sidra, Helat Abu Neia, Wahilat Ashir Omer and Wahilat Ashir Fadul.

Residents are reportedly fleeing the targeted areas to nearby mountains and valleys, seeking shelter and protection.